Summer is fun – the sun, excitement and joy of a summer party can be just great.
So, here are five must have items that could really help you ramp up the enjoyment.

1. Picnic Plus Cooladio Radio Speaker Backpack Cooler

Most people still think of the traditional wicker picnic basket when they think about picnics, but this is really very outdated. These baskets don’t really insulate your food to keep it warm or cold as the case may be, and instead they basically just let the temperature drain out as fast as it can. Instead, you can try out this nifty new apparatus that has more functions than you can shake a stick at. See it here.

2. Cordless Drink Maker

One thing that’s often missing from picnics that would turn them from a sleepy sandwich eating to a real live party is the fact that there are no drinks served at picnics usually. But this doesn’t have to be the case – there are cordless drink makers available that will allow you to mix up to 60 drinks on a single battery charge, so you can bring as many friends as you want and you’ll all be able to have a roaring good time.

3. JOOS Solar Charger

There’s nothing worse than having your phone run out of battery in the middle of a picnic – sometimes you were keeping the party bumping with music being played through external speakers, and sometimes a game on the phone is the only thing that’s keeping your two year old from screaming until you take him home. You can avoid this with a solar charger.

4. Tabletop Heater

Most people forget that even in the height of summer it can still get quite chilly after the sun goes down – there’s nothing in higher demand on a beach or a picnic ground after sunset than a nice thick sweatshirt. You can also bring one of these heaters to keep everyone warm and ready to go.

5. Bluetooth Speaker System

Having a party indoors or outdoors this summer, then a quality bluetooth speaker system that can pump out the sounds can really help.

The 2016 edition of SP-113BT speaker system could be well worth a look. It provides clear sound via it’s high quality speakers and even includes a 7 light colour show to give things that extra edge. It’s well worth considering.