Car gadgets have created their very own niche market in the motor world. With improved technology and increased innovation in car interior design, car gadgets are becoming more and more popular. But why is this? Well, everyone loves to put their own personal touch on their cars because let’s face it, we all spend that much time in our cars that it becomes our second home.

Whether you have a used car or one straight off the lot you want to make your car the most comfortable place possible, especially when you spend so much time stuck in traffic! And, what better way can you add some extra comfort into your car to make your journeys and commutes as seamless as possible than by buying a whole load of unnecessary, crazy, wacky and downright strange car gadgets! We have found 10 completely bizarre car gadgets that your car is just dying for!

  1. 1.       Well-Insured Wheel Covers

Wheels Insured

From a distance this could make the best prank of all time, however up close and personal you would need to be completely blind to fall for this trick. The Well-Insured Wheel Covers aim to deter thieves from steeling your wheels by camouflaging them and making it appear as though your car is floating on air with no wheels beneath them.

  1. 2.       Ozone Air Purifier

Ozone Air Purifier

This nifty car gadget by Oki Environment Technologies aims to purify the air in your car and get rid of any nasty lingering smells. For those of us who fall victim to a McDonald’s breakfast every morning whilst passing the golden arches on our way to work, this is the perfect car gadget to get rid of any evidence before the Mrs finds out – just plug it right into your cigarette lighter socket and the LED lights will show you that you are ready to go!

  1. 3.       Michelin’s TWEEL Wheels

 Michelin’s TWEEL Wheels

Now, this is wheel innovation at its peak. We are all familiar with the iconic Michelin man and his stock of wheels that no other wheel supplier can match. Just before we thought we had seen all that the Michelin man could provide he came out with the amazing TWEEL.

Probably as iconic as Brangelina to the wheel and motor world, the TWEEL (Tyre-Wheel) is an airless, integrated tyre and wheel combination that deforms on contact to absorb shocks and reduce damage.

  1. 4.       Tesla Coil Car Security System

 Tesla car security

Are nightmares of your beloved car being stolen keeping you up at night? Well, we have the answer to all of your problems with the Tesla Coil Car Security System. This innovative car security system will be guaranteed to keep your car safe from those pesky thieves. This amazing car gadget consists of a coil that is mounted on the top of your car and emits electricity. An electric shock would be the least of your worries if you got near this high-tech system!

  1. 5.       Shotgun Turret

SUV Shotgun


Fed up of commuting through traffic every day? Are you in need of a solution to get these idiots off the road that are constantly cutting you up? Well, maybe you should take a leaf out of this crazy American’s book and invest in a shotgun turret as a rooftop accessory for your car.