We’re getting back around towards BBQ season again and it’s time to get the grills ready. So, what should you consider getting to create the most succulent steaks this year – we take a look at some of the great outdoor items that can brighten up your BBQ.

Talking Food Thermometer and Handset

Who needs a high maintenance grill thermometer? The Talking Food Thermometer is quite different than every other thermometer. It features a wireless handset that allows you to slip away from the grill and grab a beer. You no longer need to stay close by to monitor temperatures. The thermometer verbally alerts you to what is going on at the grill with phrases such as “almost ready” or “ready”, which takes all of the guess work out of grilling. See it here.

Rustic Furniture

Rustic log furniture tables and chairs can really set off your outdoor area and really help the space look great. The great thing about these sorts of items is that they look the part in the garden, look very natural and can really help your BBQ meal look the part. Look at these great pieces of rustic outdoor furniture.

Sixty Second Charcoal Starter

Although there are numerous products on the market to make clean up a breeze after grilling, there are not that many that help during preparation. The 60 Second Charcoal Starter does exactly what the name says. You do not need lighter fluid to get your charcoal started. This starter releases focused 1290 degrees air to help get your charcoal lit quickly. All you need to do is point it towards your charcoal and press the button. You will be grilling in no time!

The Motorized Hot Dog Griller

Hot dogs and sausages taste better when they are grilled. However, they can be very difficult to cook evenly. Rather than suffering through unevenly cooked sausages or standing at the grill continually turning your dogs, why not try the Motorized Hot Dog Griller? The built-in electric motor rotates your sausages and hot dogs to ensure that they are properly and evenly cooked.

Himalayan Salt Plate

If you have never enjoyed food grilled with a Himalayan Salt Plate, you have no idea how delicious food can be! Place the plate on the grill to avoid over-charring your meats. The natural properties of this plate add a depth of flavor to your meats, vegetables and fish.

Swashbuckler BBQ Sword

Aye, you scurvy matey! This is one of the most important items in your barbecue arsenal. The Swashbuckler BBQ Sword brings a sense of adventure to the grill. Every gallant griller should be armed with this 19 inch sausage slating sword! The fun and laughter will commence as soon as you get this unique BBQ tool into your pirate loving hands!

Grill Daddy Pro Grill Brush GD12952S

All grill brushes are not created equally. The Grill Daddy Pro Grill Brush incorporates the power of steam and the strength of a stainless steel brush to help you perfectly clean your grill. To use this device, simply fill the handle with water to create steam. The steam loosens stuck on food and grime from your grill. This coupled with stainless steel bristles help you to power through any grilling mess. Finally, this grill brush is dishwasher safe making clean up easy and fast.