Ah, it’s summer and time to enjoy strawberries and cream once again.  Get ready to hear the sound of leather smacking on the willow as you wield the greatest weedwacker known to mankind. However, it isn’t all hard work these days.  Modern technology has helped to take a lot of tediousness out of caring for your garden.  In fact, you may even have a little fun with it.

The following are some very cool gadgets that may be able to help you out.

Black & Decker Alligator GKC1000 powered cordless loppers

After sitting inside playing video games for months, your muscles are so weak now it’s hard for you lift even a single blade of grass, let alone being able to saw thick branches off of your shrubs. The 18-volt Black & Decker Alligator can help you with its jaws powered by a Ni-Cad battery that can transform branches into wood chippings.  It can make as many as 150 3.5 cuts an hour without you suffering any blisters in the process.

Hozelock Auto AquaPod 10

Be honest, instead of watering the garden, you would prefer to be the one doing the drink, particularly if it involves having to lug around messy, heavy watering cans. Fortunately Hozelock, the hosepipe wizard has developed the automatic watering system called AquaPod that allows you to keep 10 to 39 potted plants thriving. The kit consists of two cylindrical green AquaPod pumps, a set of drippers and flexible hoses, and an AC  water computer that can be programmed so that the AquaPod does the watering for you automatically. According to Hozelock, it only takes five minutes to set the AquaPod up.  Compared to a watering can, 90 percent less water is used, making it very eco-friendly as well.

Outdoor Canvas Art for the Wall

One sure fire way to brighten up your day is to use outdoor canvas art. Canvas art for the outdoor space is exactly the same as any sort of canvas, but can be used outside without issue. There are numerous forms of great outdoor canvas art, taking in a variety of images and styles and look great in most gardens. If you want outdoor canvas art for the wall then check our Soothing Walls.

Bosch ALR 900

For less than enthusiastic gardeners, grass may appear to be an easy option.  However, as your grandfather probably informed you, there is way more to it than quickly mowing once per month. The Bosch ALR 900 lawn raker will keep your lawn in peak condition by raking, aerating and scarifying it – which helps you keep moss, leaves and other lawn issues in check. A 900W electric mower comes with the ALR 900 along with an innovative jet fan that scoops up as much as 60 percent more debris than many lesser machines do.  There is even a 50-litre capacity folding grass box that comes with it.

Ryobi RLT-30CET trimmer

In this company petrol trimmer may appear a bit on the old school side, however the Ryobi RLT-30CET weedhacker is different. Instead of having to pull the starter rope using your puny arms to get the 30cc engine fired up, the trimmer has a unique electronic starter.  All you have to do to get it to go is push on the TouchStart button – just like you do with a Ferrari! Although it is true that the 1bhp of the Ryobi is no match for the marvelousMaranello, I’m sure you’ve never seen nettles being hacked down by a Ferrari either.

Redfyre 33 gas barbecue

When it comes to fire roasting flesh, there is something really primeval about it.  However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to start calling your girlfriend Ug and wear animal skins. Four stainless steel burners are featured on the Redfyre 33 barbecue rather than the old-fashioned charcoal.  There is even a spit to roast suckling pigs and such and it also features a ceramic rotisserie. The Redfyre 33 works as a smoker as well, and rids your food of any unwanted carcinogens, gristle and fat, which retaining its delicious wood fire taste.  Best news of all is what an incredible bargain the Redfyre 33 is.  The former price was £1,179.