There are numerous cool gadgets small and large that you can add to your home or office that can really help with relaxation – we look at some of the best.

These magnetic adult looking toys which come in various shapes and sizes are becoming more and more popular among grown-ups and children alike. This is not all about fun it is also beneficial for the workplace. A study was done which concluded that playfulness while on the job helped improve areas such as creativity, communication, team building and even problem solving. A second study showed that the body naturally becomes involved while there is a cognitive function being performed. So maybe buckyballs as well as other smart toys may be all about fun but fun may be exactly what is needed.

“Sun Lights”
There are special bulbs used for this line of lamps and light, bulbs which provide sun-like, natural rays. Colloquially known as “Happy Lights” lights such as the one from Verilux are not only a real reminder of nature but also provide dosages of vitamin D. Our nervous system, metabolism, bone density and immunity are maintained with vitamin D. This infusion of UV rays is full of vitamin D which brings about a happy effect on those around it. It has been proven that even depression can be linked to vitamin D deficiency, however the intake of over 50 mcg is not healthy, it can cause side effects such as nausea and decreased appetite.

LaCie Rugged USB
This USB drive is hardcore yet compact, this is more about bringing peace of mind and not so much about elevating your endorphin levels. Unlike any other USB, the Rugged USB comes with a bright orange protective cover. This USB is resistant to being dropped for up to one hundred meters and comes with secure encryption making it ideal for not only your desk jockeys but also your sports aficionados.

Soothing Walls
Want the ultimate in relaxation devices, then may have just that in the shape of their indoor fountains. These items really aid relaxation and can also be a pretty cool feature to have in an office or home. The trickle of water and ability to bring the outdoors inside make them a real ly cool gadget

Wacom Inkling
According to efficiency expert Ari Meisel freeing up your mind in order to have complete focus on the moments task is one of the best ways to be productive. Free your mind from being concerned with misplaced notes and be efficient by immediately passing these notes onto your computer. With the Wacom Inkling users can doodle away by turning hand written notes into image formats or digital vector making it much easier to access and reference. Moleskine and digital software for note-taking are joining forces to create a unique line of notebooks.

USB Greenhouse
It is scientifically proven that plants have a natural way of increasing our happiness as well as our levels of productivity at work. They also lower our risk of becoming ill often. According to Feng Shui masters choosing plants with leaves that are rounded brings about a calm and tranquil environment, plants such as bamboo that point upward bring about energy. While plugged in at work the USB greenhouse is an effective way to maintain the lives of your plants.

Baoding Balls
Probably the oldest item on our list these balls are an aid in ancient Chinese meditation and are known to improve levels of manual dexterity. If nothing else, much like the Buckyballs the Baoding balls can help us improve problems and maybe have a bit of fun along the way.