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Glowing Programmable iNecklace

Get noticed with this unique iNecklace! Just like computer power LEDs, iNecklace will glow for up to 72 hours per set of batteries.

The kit comes with 2 sets of batteries. iNecklace is programmable/hackable! The pendant comes strung on an 18" long sterling silver 1.6mm diamond-cut curb chain. Sophisticated. Elegant. Open Source. The iNecklace is a gorgeously machined aluminum pendant with a subtle pulsating LED. Perfect for the playa or with Prada. Made for women who celebrate art, science, engineering and great design. For any lady who loves technology and wants beautiful, geeky jewelry. Welcome to the future! This is a new type of product for Adafruit, we want to create wearable electronics that are subtle, fun to wear and look classy. The necklace pendant is CNC machined from the finest 6 series aluminum for durability and beauty. The iNecklace is a remarkable accessory. Machined with a "screw in backing" that allows easy access to the battery using a coin. Each iNecklace pendant contains a circuit board with pulsating LED and battery. The pendant comes strung on a 18" long sterling silver 1.6mm diamond-cut curb chain that has been treated to inhibit tarnishing. The necklace is placed in a black velveteen box, ready to given as a gift!

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