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Magnetic Nail Holder ThumbSaver

Ouch! Gosh darn it! Dang it all! Isn't that what you always say after hitting your thumb with a hammer? The Thumbsaver to the rescue!

Invented by a long-time framing contractor, the Thumbsaver is a durable hand tool that houses a powerful magnet to hold virtually any nail, staple, or screw, while keeping thumbs and other appendages at a safe distance. The Thumbsaver has a rubber comfort grip secured around a durable solid aluminum shaft that houses a strong magnet on the end able to hold virtually any fastener. It has proven on the jobsite to hold up to the toughest use and abuse from the heaviest of waffle head hammers. It allows you to easily hold tiny staples, tacks, picture hanging hardware, or finishing nails, never thinking twice about your hands.

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