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Ghostbusters Proton Pack Backpack

The Proton Pack is a fictional piece of nuclear accelerative machinery used for weakening ghosts and aiding in capturing them in the Ghostbusters.

Now you can get your very own proton pack from Ghostbusters with this cool backpack! It's officially licensed and made of beige polyurethane faux leather with a printed proton pack on the back. The bag's main compartment opens with a 2-way zipper at the top and measures 11" wide, 18" deep and 4" from front to back. There is a smaller, 9" diameter circular pocket on the lower outside, which also closes with a 2-way zipper. There is a detachable cylindrical pouch, 13" long and 4" in diameter; it is fastened to the main pack by snaps on tabs of nylon webbing. The pouch has the spout and nozzle of the proton pack printed on it. The padded inside back of the bag has a mesh lining for comfort; the foam straps are angled and end in straps of nylon webbing with slides that allow length adjustment. One of the straps has the Ghostbusters logo on the bottom. Get ready to bust some ghosts with our Ghostbusters backpack, but just remember: don't cross the streams!

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