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Butt Face Towel

Ends the confusion of which side to use. A perfect gift for the bachelor in your life! Get it right each time and avoid embarrassment.

This product is an inspired work of genius that will be of assistance to anyone with both a butt and a face and the desire to keep them apart, as God intended. After your bath or shower, you might be drying your face with the same part of the towel that dried your butt the day before. Or worse yet, it might have dried someone else's butt! Think about it... using an ordinary towel, you have a fifty-percent chance of getting a face full of butt-tainted terry cloth. Yes, it's revolting, but we have a solution. The ingenious Butt-Face Towel brings sanitary sanity back into your bathroom. It's a quality, terry cloth bath towel with two clearly labeled ends.

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