Top 10 Book Related Stuff

A modern book lover is the one holding a kindle or any other e-book reader in hand with a leather book like cover to it. But a true book lover I might say is the one who likes the smell of a newly bought book and flips through its pages and taking in the scent. Nostalgic about the time spent towards and against the same. Everything we know today was recorded in them and it is about time they turned cool as well as nostalgic. Here is a list of Top Ten Books accessories and stuff that you just have to have.


Industrial Bookends

Industrial Bookends:

A good book is a cog in the machine of our being which enables its smooth running. This bookend depicts just that and serves as a classic reminder of the simpler times. This not only adds pure class to your books but also gives space for those special books that you just cannot store with the ordinary ones. Metallic in construction and sturdy enough even for the heavy-weights of books.


Book Rest Lamp

Book Rest Lamp:

The lamp is nothing short of a feel good creation that tends to fill a warm emptiness of home in your heart. Especially for those who are working or studying far away from home; lying there on your cozy bed, you can simply use the lamp to rest your book. This turns the lamp into a house; yes may the light take you back where you belong. Moreover, due to the frosted glass, the light is diffused and doesn’t hurt the eye.


Hidden Flask Book

Hidden Flask Book:

James bond or Charlie Chaplin, this is an age old trick that we have seen in many places. However, we are not holding a gun inside the book, rather a humble 6 oz flask. The title cover of the book itself comes in varied numbers and they are again customizable; both the book and the secretive space dimensions. This is simply the best to carry the beverage/liquor of your choice wherever you want to. Nobody questions a Shakespearean classic into any place.


Bookmark Magnifier

Bookmark Magnifier:

The bookmark is ultra-thin, almost the size of a sheet of thick paper and is capable of up to 2x magnification which is perfect for small texts that you find in most books/magazines and novels. This can be the perfect gift to anyone and with its unbeatably low cost; I bet it is definitely a well thought out product with multiple uses. Those with Hyperopia, throw away those reading glasses.


Flag Pen and Bookmark

Flag Pen and Bookmark:

God’s gift for any student or officer worker who has to go through a lot of documents and have it summarized it quickly. It combines the three most essential elements when set for such a task; being the flags for coding the segments, bookmarker for knowing where the important things are and of course the pen to scribble notes when needed. The design ensures speed and efficiency and is a must have.


Hardback Leather Case for 15” MacBook Pro

Hardback Leather Case for 15” MacBook Pro:

MacBook Pro is sometimes so close to many of our hearts that it just isn’t enough to carry it in its own skin. A new makeover skin which duals as a great literature buff and offers protection to your dear computer is the Hardback Leather Case which zips close and keeps your laptop nice and cozy. It looks really classy and definitely bumps up the cool quotient.


Dead Mark Bookmark

Dead Mark Bookmark:

Want to spice up your reading environment or simply chuckle the next time you see your book? This is the answer to your question. Poor mark gets trapped between the weights of the cover and of course you can leave him there. He is quite comfortable because quite frankly he is dead. With a hand sticking out in pain, a bookmark for the strong hearted and for those who have a good sense of humor.


Portal 2 Bookends

Portal 2 Bookends:

These are one of the coolest bookends I have come across till now. Not only do they honor the great game, the design ensures that it portrays the concept really well when you place your books in the holsters. It is officially licensed and it sure is symbolic to tell you the world you transport through when you read a book. Again, cool quotient is bumped up high.


Book Clock

Book Clock:

Place this sneaky set of books in your bookshelf and surprise seemingly gentle friends by telling the time from it. Adds a sophisticated look to your shelf and it almost appears as if you have designed a clock into your books.


Finger Bookmark

Finger Bookmark:

Snap ringer bookmark is here to save you time and add a little efficiency to your reading habits. Sleeping off mid-sentence is a common place problem and it comes out as a boon to have one of these. The smaller silicone rubber hand can be moved along the strap and placed at the sentence where you are at. Now, you simply have to continue from that point on. Flexible, durable, efficient and really cool; a must for any book lover.