Top 10 Cool Bottle Openers

There is something about having a party with people you’re meeting for the first time. An odd silence? Nothing to talk about? Perhaps the best way to break the ice is by using a bottle opener. Not literally of course, don’t be silly. Buy yourself a cool bottle opener that can turn people’s heads. It’s a great conversation starter, and might just bring out a few laughs too. Here is a list of the Top 10 Coolest Bottle Openers.


50 Calibre Bullet Bottle Opener

50 Calibre Bullet Bottle Opener:

The only difference is that they don’t carry Gunpowder. Don’t carry these around with you. They are so real that someone might mistake them to be a real bullet. To make it more real, they contain sealed lead components, so be careful not to pull these out in front of children.


Bill Clinton Corkscrew

Bill Clinton Corkscrew:

This is a political joke. Bring these out at social gatherings and the light humor plays on everyone’s mind. The strategically placed cork is certainly amusing, and there’s no one better than Bill Clinton to hold it. We don’t know if Monica Lewinsky would have problems with this though.


Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet

Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet:

The best part about this is that you wouldn’t have to look for it. It’s right there on your fridge. And it saves you the shame of someone asking you why you don’t have a bottle opener on your fridge. And to build your reputation further, your friends know that you’re a hard drinker, when you leave your bottle opener at a place as common as the fridge.


Hammer Bottle Opener

Hammer Bottle Opener:

You might feel a bit awkward carrying this around a party. But it certainly is a great multitasking too, especially if you are a plumber. After a hard day’s work hammering things, you might want to sit down, relax and use that very same hammer to open a bottle of beer. Here is your tool!


Fanning Flip Flops

Fanning Flip Flops:

These flip flops have everything that you need – the quick-drying synthetic nubuck strap, the contoured footbed and thick, foamy, molded EVA sole with added arch support, the under-heel airbag cushioning and oh! Did I forget? There is a bottle opener in there too! How cool would it be to open a bottle under your foot? Find out!


Luchador Bottle Openers

Luchador Bottle Openers:

This is a fancy toy. It shows a bit of slyness on your part to walk into a party with of these. Or you’re just saying that you’re really Macho! Each Bottle Opener is a mini wrestler applying a famous lock hold to an opponent in this case a bottle.


TV Remote and Bottle Opener

TV Remote and Bottle Opener:

Talk about being universal! This device can be used as a universal remote – for all kinds of TVs, DVDs, Satellites, Cables and all. And it has a bottle opener that’s universal too. It can open any kind of bottles with ease. Seems like a very handy device!


Bottle Opening Cap Launcher

Bottle Opening Cap Launcher:

This is just plain fun. Spice up your beer sessions with your friends by playing a little cowboy game. You can open bottles and launch caps at each other from them. It’s good for reunion with your old friends, to remind all of you of those young days. The launcher can throw over five metres!


Deer Rear with Bottle Opener

Deer Rear with Bottle Opener:

You must gift one of these to your hunter friend. He’d probably burst into laughter at the idea. And not to forget, every time someone uses the rear of a deer to open their bottles, its smirks up some quick gibberish talk among those around. Perfect for conversation starters, and a light tease!


Star Wars R2-D2 Bottle Opener

Star Wars R2-D2 Bottle Opener:

Is there anything that R2 can’t do? Of course not. He is also a bottle opener. It even has magnets on the back so you can hang it on your refrigerator. It also comes packaged in a collector’s case with a full-color wrap, making it look like an extremely cool gadget on your fridge!