Top 10 Cool Camping Stuff

Subtle times are past us when cooking under a camp fire was considered cool and going out into the wild and raising tents for the night was thought of as bonding. Today, it is just about window shopping in multiplexes and driving through Mc-Donalds. With such an era in our hands, I am sure many out there are still yearning for a brave soul to tag along so that they go into the wilderness and satisfy their adrenaline needs. Be it adventure camping or just a bro bonding, here are some of the best camping gear, cool camping gadgets and cool camping stuff which are utmost useful and more importantly cool to flash around.


LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter:

The wild is not the place for the unprepared because it is ruthless and without mercy. It is a scientific fact that one can survive without food for around ten days but without water, would perish within three days. A need for clean drinking water becomes an essentiality and staying a step ahead in being prepared is to carry this gadget. The name says it all; you suck through the straw and no matter how dirty or polluted the water in the other end is, you are going to get clean potable water on your side. It filters out 99.99% of waterborne bacteria and parasites. Ask me, this cool gadget can save your life in style with the capability to filter almost 1000 liters of water.


Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Kit

Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Kit:

Ever wanted to be the man up against the wild and show Mother Nature that you are capable of handling yourself? Although am pretty sure you can, you could use some help from the Man who fights against the wild on a weekly basis on the Discovery Channel. Bear Gryll’s Survival Series has been put together with Gerber’s ultimate technology and Bear Gryll’s experience so as to provide you with something that would help get back home safely. It is a 15 piece kit and is a guarantee to help you survive.


All-in-one Jacket, Tent and Sleeping Bag

All-in-one Jacket, Tent and Sleeping Bag:

Think about this Jacket to be something like the Transformers. You are prepared for anything wearing this baby around. Mosquitoes you say? because this has the netting to stop those pesky little things, and moreover it is waterproof to save you the chills from a blizzard or a thunderstorm. It also contains a sleeping bag whose weight is distributed with clever designing and has the provision to be removed and carried separately. Cool is not enough to describe this jacket this that is why we feature it on top ten list with Cool Camping Gadgets.


Shit Box

Shit Box:
Cool Camping Stuff

There are many a time when nature calls and you have to answer no matter where you are. The situation can pop in your house when your toilet clogs or maybe in the woods where there are no proper provisions for your bowel calls. This comes as a life saver in such situations and is an easy to set up box in which you can insert a biodegradable bag and you are ready to go. Yes, you need to stay prepared for anything, and this is something.


Hammock Sleeping Bag

Hammock Sleeping Bag:

This style of sleeping bag is both fun and something that we all love to sleep on. It is perfect for any camper and adventure lover. With a mummy style design that makes you feel cozy and comfortable, it is perfectly suitable for any kind of environment. We all have enjoyed this in our backyards; it is time to carry our backyard comfort when we are camping.


Bicycle Tent

Bicycle Tent:

For all those who love long bike rides into the unknown and fairly restricted by the number of motels you come across, do not let them be the deciding factor to how much you should cycle in one leg of the journey. Set up camp where you feel like with this Tent for one person which neatly folds near the handlebars. Waterproof and spacious, it can hold up one individual with all the care in the world.


Picnic Backpack

Picnic Backpack:

A perfect holiday comrade or a camping in luxury companion since this is the complete profile one needs to eat your food with your loved ones in style. It has a thermally insulated compartment to keep your food at the crispy temperature you desire and moreover comes with a ton of accessories like hardwood cutting board, cheese knife, and acrylic wine glasses and so on. You need get one of these for your date in the country-side and you mind friend will be on the top of everyone’s list in being awesome.


LED Quad Lantern

LED Quad Lantern:

This light setup is simply brilliant. You can use this as an lantern with all of its four panels attached or split away into the wilderness individually with one panel each. Yes, you can separate the panels and use it them separately which is really thoughtful considering how important trips to the bathroom are especially in the darkness. It will easily become your best camping gear


Zip Up Hiking Shoes

Zip Up Hiking Shoes:
Cool Camping Gadgets

This show raises the level of awesomeness with its portable style design and simplicity. It has recycled rubber and a tough sole which provides enough traction for sports and camping uses. If you were to run away from a predator and happen to be bare foot, this is something that would come real handy. Especially since it folds up the size of your wallet; easy to carry and is practical. A must have I would say.


Air Conditioned Pants

Air Conditioned Pants:
Best Camping Gear

When I started off saying cool, I never meant it literally except this case because these pants are really cool. Think about summer times where you take a wonderful and refreshing shower and head out just to find yourself sweating head to toe. At least the lower half is in safe hands with these cool pants since the cooler blades are placed outside the pants. This also eliminates the excess bulk which is often expected. With the temperature going up with global warming, this is a must have to tone it down. Stay cool with this cool one of a kind pants seriously cool camping stuff.