Top 10 Cool Car Stuff

So your neighbor just bought the coolest car in town, and he thinks he’s got the best there ever is. Right? Wrong! Not unless he is got the coolest gadgets to go with the cool car. Here’s where you’ve got an advantage. Equip your ordinary car with the coolest available gadgets and make them more desirable than the high end ones. Here is a list of the Top 10 Cool Car Stuff that you can get for your vehicle.


Batman Brake Light Cover

Batman Brake Light Cover:

You don’t need a Batmobile to call yourself Batman! An ordinary car will do. Just use these Break Light Covers. They are pretty easy to use. All you need to do is stick them to the third tail light or brake light of your car. When you press the brakes, only the logo will be illuminated, giving the driver behind you a chock of his life! They are easy to apply and durable too!


Rear View Mirror

Rear View Mirror:

Make your rear view mirror panoramic. This way you wouldn’t have to keep turning your head around like a rabbit when you are behind the steering wheel. It easier, and looks cooler. It also eliminates the possibility of a car heading towards you at the blind spot – making it a safer option as well. Easier, safer and cooler – anything else you need?


Offensive Business Cards

Offensive Business Cards:

You smell – You suck at parking – Your tattoos are dumb – Your service is terrible (for waiters) – Santa isn’t real – You’re ugly – You’re an idiot – Stop being a sissy. It probably isn’t so easy to tell someone these things in their face. That’s why we have business cards to these for us. Offensive ones can be pretty helpful in getting the message across while keeping your hands pretty clean!


Zombie Family Car Stickers

Zombie Family Car Stickers:

This set comes with 9 unique living dead vinyl stickers representing an entire zombie family. From Dad to Lil’ Bitey, this cadaverous crew knows how to roll. Stick them onto the back of your car and get the drivers spooked. This is yours if you have a flare for cool, spooky stuff! Perfect on Halloween night!


Exhaust Powered Car Jack

Exhaust Powered Car Jack:

If lifting a car was made easy by a Jack, then it was made easier by the Exhaust Powered Car Jack. This cool invention requires nothing. Just connect them to the exhaust pipe, switch on your engine, and let your car lift itself!


Car Swivel Tray

Car Swivel Tray:

This swivel tray is perfect for those who like to enjoy a bite while they drive. The textures surface prevents food from falling and what more? When you don’t want it, just swivel it over to the other side! This makes for a fun ride, especially on long drives!


Seat Belt Key Holder

Seat Belt Key Holder:

Losing your key is a pain in the rear. So why not keep it safe? This device locks your keys onto the seatbelts themselves, so that you can enjoy your ride, without having to worry about where you placed your key! It’s the Perfect gift you can give to friend with a short lived memory!


Star Wars Car Sunshade

Star Wars Car Sunshade:

Now your sunshade is not just a way to keep your car cool. It is also a style statement. Get these Star Wars Sunshade and show off you sense of style. You can imagine your ordinary car to be cruising at warp speed now!


License Plate Flipper

License Plate Flipper:

Want to get gadgets the level of James Bond? Here’s one for you! You can now have 2 license plates – one behind the other, and flip them as and when you want. It hardly takes a second to switch! There are even two different sizes to match the requirement of your car!


My Other Car is Tardis License Plate

My Other Car is Tardis License Plate:

This is meant for those who want to be extremely cool. This Doctor Who License Plate is a licensed collectible which means that each plate comes with the biological imprint of a Time Lord. You may think it coverts your car into some sort of time machine. Wrong! Read the words, “My Other Car is Tardis”