Top 10 Cool Chess Games

Chess is an ancient game of wits, a portrayal of battle and strategies, a symbol of bygone times, a relic for the future. That however does not mean it can’t be tweaked every now and then to make it more interesting! Check out these unusual and special chess sets and I guarantee your mind will be blown by the memories and desires help within these figures!


Star Wars Chess Set

Star Wars Chess Set:

Called geeky for liking star wars? Prove the naysayers wrong with a beautiful display of vengeance with this set which doubles as a set of role play figures when you’re in the mood, with statues carefully sculpted and hand painted. May the force be with you.


3 Man Chess

3 Man Chess:

Fancy three players to rule the kingdom instead of two? 3 man chess does just that by distorting the square field into a circle and adding another dimension to in terms of players. Your threatened piece may be allowed to maintain occupancy as your position is beneficial to the threatening player. This game adds another dimension to logic as well: diplomacy. May your ambassadorship skills grow in this quest.


COCA COLA Chess Board Game

COCA COLA Chess Board Game:

Two iconic characters created by the coca cola company face off in this epic saga, assisted by units related to the brand’s products. Red replaces black, for no one here is evil; just cunning, very cunning indeed. So will the bottles and caps clinch victory? Who will win, coke or cola?


Strato Chess width=

Strato Chess:

Add another dimension to chess: literally. If three players does not suit you, perhaps three planes of battle will? Here the object is not to reach the top but to be top dog. 12″ high and designed in brushed aluminum with clear black crystal squares. Requires lots of spacial and visual skills.


Ice Speed Chess Set

Ice Speed Chess Set:

Play with chocolate. Or wine. Or ice, but play to the end quick, because your soldiers are melting, and time is running out. The chess set comes WITHOUT a board however, so get one before hand unless you really like pawn shaped ice cubes for your martini.


Straight Up Chess

Straight Up Chess:

Straight Up Chess, one of the worlds most unique chess sets. These beautiful vertical wall mounted chess boards hang on the wall like Art and are designed for a casual game of chess. As you pass by, make your move, mark it with the “Last move” marker and go on your way. Later your opponent stops by, makes their move and the game continues.


NFL Chess

NFL Chess:

Football: speed, passion and determination. When this marries logic and foresight of chess, what do you get? Total mayhem, that’s what! Hand-painted players and a custom football field game board, slay your pawns with real tackles, and beat the king for the final touchdown.


Wobble Chess

Wobble Chess:

The pieces stand on spherical bottoms, adding wobbling and dynamic fighting to the chess board: A remarkable idea. Walnut stained dark and light wood, not to mention designed by pioneer designer Adin Mumma, carefully crafted to bring your strategies to life.


Super Mario Chess

Super Mario Chess :

It all comes down to this: Super mario and luigi vs the evil doctor set, hand painted and limited edition. Take mario on great adventures for his princess, and who knows someday you might find the happy ending. Has all the major characters from the video game and comes in the collector’s tin.


Doctor Who Animated Chess Set

Doctor Who Animated Chess Set:

The villains, the heroes, the sidekicks… all of them join in on this battle of the ages, in this war of chess! The figures are animated vocally and are carefully crafted making sure the villanous sneers and heroic determination are not lost along the way!.