Top 10 Cool Clocks

Time and tide waits for none. Pardon me for beginning with the age old saying, but honestly it makes a lot of sense and most of us spend a lot of time, yes, ‘time’ just looking at the time. If you understand the inception here well, you probably of all people understand the importance of a clock. To really help you see the time in style, here is a Top Ten list of really cool Clocks that ensure the time spend looking at a clock is a time well spent.


Pixel Wall Clock

Pixel Wall Clock:

Travelling back to the 8 bit time where pixels decorated the majority of graphics in the digital world, a clock probably would have been represented in this manner. To honor the simpler times and to ensure we don’t forget our roots, a really cool clock which would look good on any wall. The retro look is also something that hipsters of today crave for. So, a perfect gift or a personal memorabilia, this is a must have.


Science Quiz Wall Clock

Science Quiz Wall Clock:

A clock designed especially for the inner science lover in you. Gift it to someone who is into nerdy stuff, and you will be blessed with a long and warm hug. The background is made out of powder coated metal and resembles a real chalkboard and the equations do solve to the numbers they are supposed to represent in a real clock.


Wall Clock with Hidden Safe

Wall Clock with Hidden Safe:

There are many places where a burglar or a seemingly over inquisitive friend would look for your deep dark secrets, but not behind a humble and innocent wall clock. I mean everyone knows there is a wall behind the clock and hence the name wall clock. This is what makes this really cool where you stash your valuables or other questionable items.


Book Clock

Book Clock:

This camouflages well with the other books in your bookshelf and turns out to be an innovative way of checking the time. The corner books represent the three and nine and as a whole make the clock come alive.


Zombie Clock

Zombie Clock:

The zombie munching on your brain is the perfect reminder you need to ensure that your work gets done on time. What more to scare you about your deadline that a zombie (representing your assignment) eating your brain. Well, since it portrays the truth, it turns out to be really cool. It is also pretty sturdy in built and is handcrafted, so you can boast about that too.


Flying Alarm Clock

Flying Alarm Clock:

If you are among the ones to keep ten to twenty alarms in the morning because of the habituated brain of yours which keeps snoozing the alarm, this is the clock you need really bad on an important day. The alarm goes off and the fan above flies off with the sound. You can’t stop the alarm unless you find the top and put it back in place. A cruel way of making you get out of bed, but still a really cool device to own.


World Time Clock by Charlotte van der Waals

World Time Clock by Charlotte van der Waals:

This has got to be one of coolest clocks out there. The entire world’s time is right there resting in your pocket. A brilliant design by Charlotte van der Waals, it is a 12 sided polygon in which you turn the respective city to the indicated place to get the time of the particular place. For someone who travels a lot or a business owner with clients spread out, this is a must have, serves as really cool gift too.


2320 Melting Clock

2320 Melting Clock:

This clock melts off any of the surface it is placed on and it is definitely something that comes at the top of our cool list. Made of a sturdy casing, it does show time flawlessly and serves as an eye catcher because of its unique design.


Wall Clock (Mathematics Teacher)

Wall Clock (Mathematics Teacher):

I recommend all the students out there to immediately get one of these to your mathematics professor. He or she would simply love the brilliance of the clock since obviously mathematics is so cool and if you have to decipher or solve every number on the clock with simple equations, it is cool to another level. And, who knows, you might even land up with an A+ if all goes well.


Target Alarm Clock

Target Alarm Clock:

This is another novelty that you just can’t ignore. I wanted it the moment I laid my eyes on it. Again, for those who are really heavy sleepers who don’t wake up to the regular old alarm clocks, this one really gets you up and going in the morning. The alarm can only be switched off by shooting the bulls eye with the laser gun. Mind you, the accuracy on this thing is high and you really have to be out of your sleep to shoot properly, and by then your purpose is solved.