Top 10 Cool Dog Stuff

We have already seen how to dress up and give man’s best friend the look he or she deserves. This time we solely look into various other gadgets and things that just down right cool and quite often really practical to own. After all their happiness is our happiness since no one else cheer us up like the way they do.


Bone Pool

Bone Pool:

Pups and dogs mostly are water lovers and are crazy about the final wiggle and twist that they get to achieve after getting wet. Add in the second best instinct of theirs and you get the Bone Pool. On hindsight, one must think a pool is a pool but then it adds the notion that humans have restricted access to the area of the house. Build with durable and strong liner materials, the pool is built for the toughest of soldiers and would last an eternity. .


Beer for Dogs

Beer for Dogs:
Cool Dog Stuff

Bonding without best buddy usually gets constricted during times where man’s other best friend comes into picture. Yes, I am talking about the humble beer which has taken over most parts of our brain ever since its invention. So now Beer for Dogs eliminates the need to alienate them during such sessions. It is non-alcoholic and chicken flavored so you don’t really have to worry about hangover the next day.


Auto Refilling Dog Bowl

Auto Refilling Dog Bowl:

The bowl is a series of practical home gadgets introduced by Aqua Buddy and it is extremely safe and reliable. It provides continual water supply for your buddy when you are away or provides for a carefree atmosphere where you don’t have to see your dog panting away without reason. It connects to a garden hose or any other source of supply and is ergonomic to fit any pet.


Pet Umbrella

Pet Umbrella:
Cute Dog Accessories

I for one think this is worthy of Invention of the Year. For the past many decades it has always been such that the owner stays dry and the pet dries itself later. This shouldn’t be the case because we know pet flu and many such instances are too real. The pet umbrella solves this problem and comes with a cozy and really wide umbrella with a handle towards you for your convenience. It is clear so that your pet doesn’t freak out thinking it is stuck in a cave.


Shark Shaped Pet House

Shark Shaped Pet House:Cool Dog Stuff

This one is mainly for our amusement though many pets have reported this enclosure to be extremely comfortable. It looks really cool and the pet would appear to be eaten by a shark. A funny shark though. It provides enough warmth during winters since it covers the pet overall and also enough space for proper ventilation. This product comes as a much better substitute to regular pet houses.


Tug Preventing Dog Trainer

Tug Preventing Dog Trainer:
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Remember those times when your powerful buddy dragged you along and took you out for a walk instead of it being the other way around. Such problems now come with the perfect solution since the device attaches safely to the leash and emits ultrasonic sound inaudible to humans and safely redirects the dogs. It is definitely a must for behavior training.


Pawz, Waterproof Dog Boots

Pawz, Waterproof Dog Boots:

Made of hundred percent natural rubber, this is a unique and worlds only disposable and reusable dog boot. Moreover, being bio degradable. You do your bit for the environment. It is also really practical fits in without zippers. It is ergonomically designed to let your pet feel at home. It also prevents unnecessary scratches when they playfully jump over you.


Stache Durable Dog Toy

Stache Durable Dog Toy:

Treat your dog like a sir with this toy. It is a ball on one end which withstands even the worst of chews and a moustache on the other end. Only for those with a little sense of humor though because it looks hilarious when your dog is playing with it. This is way cooler than many other toys out there for pets.


Lights-Up Dog Leash

Lights-Up Dog Leash:

If you are fond of going for walks at night when the air is thin and cool, then you are definitely going to want one of these. Of course, when I say walks, I mean walks with your dog. The leash lights up using LEDs which are visible from a very far off distance and can help avoid awkward bumps and also could illuminate your path.


Dog Ball Launcher

Dog Ball Launcher:

This is by far the coolest toy for both us and our pets. It is an oversized sling shot for launching tennis balls. It also can pick up the balls without touching it so as to avoid the usual slime that comes along with fun. With a range of about 200 feet, it is assured that your pet will have a good workout and you will have lots of fun.