Top 10 Cool Electrionics

In our perfect world there are Cool Tech Gadgets on every street corner and a restriction free WiFi signal in every workplace. For those of us who daydream of this sort of thing, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Cool Electronics and Cool Electronic Gifts that can help get the party started, make your life simpler or just keep you out of the clinker.


Sega Indoor Fireworks Projector

Sega Indoor Fireworks Projector: Cool Electronics

Bring the party to you with number 10 on our list. Longing for fireworks well after the forth of July? Revisit the best time of the year (minus the grass stains, bugs spray and potato salad) with Sega’s indoor Fireworks Projector. So go ahead, break out the stars and stripes and wow your guests with this amazing show. You are guaranteed to have the best seat in the house all year round!


Keychain Breathalyzer

Keychain Breathalyzer: Cool Tech Gadgets

To drink or not to drink, many times that is the question we all ask after a night out with the guys or girls. There is certainly nothing cool about drinking and driving but with the Keychain Breathalyzer you know when you’ve reached your limit. So go ahead, have another drink or not… just don’t forget where you put your keys.


Interactive Laser Pet Toy

Interactive Laser Pet Toy: Cool Electronic Gifts

This one’s for our pet owners. Mr. Whiskers will be pleased that this item made the list. If playtime has gone into overtime, you are going to want one of these. Sit back and relax while the Interactive Laser Pet Toy entertains your pet. Besides, it can free you up to play with some of the other items that made our list.


Case for Kindle Fire

Case for Kindle Fire:

Its been said that if you ever want to hide something from someone, just put it in a book! Protect your Kindle Fire with this clever case disguised as a composition book! In class and want to update your facebook status? Stuck in a boring meeting? No problem, just open up your “book” and no one will ever know that you are secretly engulfed in the Pig/Bird battles of Angry Birds. Just don’t forget to turn the volume down!


Eviltron – Electronic Prank Sound Device

Eviltron – Electronic Prank Sound Device:

Who doesn’t love a good prank? Well, besides the unsuspecting prankee. This one makes our list due to its small, discreet size and the variety of the sounds. Whether you are looking for creaking noise or a person gasping for air, this coin-sized device gives your prank plenty of diversity and laughs from time to come!


Showerhead and Wireless Speaker

Showerhead and Wireless Speaker:

Tired of no one believing how awesome you sound in the shower? Well, we can’t really do much about that but thanks to product number 5 on our list you can jam out and sing to your hearts content all without ever leaving your bathroom. Which is probably for the best.


Credit Card Lightbulb

Credit Card Lightbulb:

This is one of the coolest products on our list, making the list as one of the most useful. Whether you are in a dimly lit parking garage looking for those keys you dropped or in your favorite nightclub scoring a hot chicks digits we guarantee you’ll find this item useful in plenty of situations.


Hands Free Ipad Holder

Hands Free Ipad Holder:

Oh the Ipad user, we want the freedom and flexibility that comes with the use of such a device, yet we are unable to truly multitask the things that matter most to us, like eating, clapping our hands and high-fiving our pals in agreement. That is until now – The Hands Free Ipad holder gives us the flexibility that we all desire. All hail hands-freedom!


Washable Keyboard

Washable Keyboard:

The Washable Keyboard makes our list as number 2. Gone are the days when you couldn’t eat that pastrami sandwich while at your desk, when you were forced to hover over a trashcan to catch those delicious crumbs. And don’t even get us started on the things that could be found in between the G and Y keys. Yuck! Break free of the break room blues! The Washable keyboard allows you to enjoy your snack, wash your hands and your keyboard too!


Digital Instant Print Camera

Digital Instant Print Camera:

Coming in at number one on our coolest things list is the Digital Instant Print Camera. In today’s society, we want what we want and many times we want it now. This camera gives you the option of seeing it, wanting it and having it. Loved the way that picture turned out? Print it out share it with your friends!