Top 10 Cool Gifts For Her

Women are complex. I begin with this factor because most times men just don’t know what they did wrong. It is safe to say that we like to keep them happy and to do so we take a lot of initiative and to find Cool Gifts For Women. Apart from gulping down a couple of beers and staying out of trouble, it is a proven fact that we need to buy gifts for women, cool gifts for her from time to time.

Not all women are materialistic but let us face it, they like when you extend such a gesture. So what can be cool as well affordable? Here is a list of few such things.


Glow In The Dark Nail Polish

Glow In The Dark Nail Polish:

Well if women like something the most, it is grooming themselves. Though we don’t see the point in doing so, they like doing so. Let us not contemplate and rather just accept this fact. This gives men the advantage of getting something off the counter which can also at times satisfy the inner nerd in them. This Glow in the Dark Nail Polish, yes, it literally glows in the dark, is something that serves as a perfect gift. Simply because, guys like stuff that glows in the dark and women like nail polish. I say best of both worlds. Switch on black light and you are in for a visual treat. Oh yeah, make sure your nails don’t end up getting polished.


Playboy Robe

Playboy Robe:
Cool Gifts For Women

The name pretty much explains entire product and the picture, well of course, encourages you to buy. All I can say is, this is ultimate win-win situation. Be it your girlfriend or just a friend, this can prove to be something romantic or plain funny. The situations where this can be gifted are countless. Girls can wear it to a Halloween party or casually in the house. The robe is comforting and cozy in itself. With the Playboy logo and the quality, it has the potential to transform women to Playboy models if they are not already.


Magnetic Force Nail Polish

Magnetic Force Nail Polish:
Cool Gifts For Her

This is another nail polish, but there is nothing ordinary about it. This is a magnetic nail polish as the name suggests and responds to magnetic field. How it achieves that is by having fine grains of iron in the polish so that when a magnet is brought near it, it distorts the filings and creates a rippling effect. The magnetic field when applied in different directions creates interesting designs which can be pretty entertaining. Again, this is a practical gift with a cool quotient to it that almost everybody would love.


Boyfriend Pillow

Boyfriend Pillow:

I know this sounds hilarious and might even look so. But think about all the practical uses this can be put to, especially for guys who don’t like to snuggle. This forms the perfect gift and gives women the realistic tug that they require from a guy. An invention, I can say will change the phase of relations and make it more bearable to men. It also comes with a micro-fiber shirt that can be added on or removed. Overall, it is a gift that would make you a perfect boyfriend. Or you can just prank your friends; gift it to someone who is single. The possibilities of using this in real life go on, and you can either be mean, romantic or practical with this product.


The Wine Rack

The Wine Rack:

The name and the picture would have instigated the “buy me” mode in you already. This is a practical solution for women who are into sports and find it difficult to find a decent drink when they need it the most. The Wine Rack comes to the rescue. It has a bladder where one can pour in their favorite drink and can conveniently sip the same when required. It also is efficient in maintaining the temperature of the liquid and supports up to 750 ml of liquid. Practical and cool, this is a definite yes for a gift.


Ring Mug

Ring Mug:

Imagine pulling out a rather large, square black box and opening it up infront of her. It is a ring? It sure looks like it from the packaging. But then she lifts up the ring and sees a white mug attached to it! Her exciment fades, of course. Let’s just hope she has a good sense of humor and will find your gift hilarious. But it better be a real thing next time.


Porn for Women

Porn for Women:

Yes, you heard it right. Even though more than half the internet is porn, women feel it is mainly male dominated. We don’t blame them, but there was a research group who went ahead and thought of creating porn for women. It was an intensive process as they had to assess what most women are turned on by. With a comprehensive survey about what women like, this was created. If you are gifting this to someone, well, you might just fulfill their underlying wish. Though men are strictly warned from watching this, possible side effect might be; actually liking it.


135-Piece Household Pink Tool Kit

135-Piece Household Pink Tool Kit:

Usually the color pink is associated with being girly and cute. This product comes to break such stereotypes and brings out the best about the color. This is a household tool kit with industrially tested equipment which is heat treated and chrome plated for strength and durability under normal use. It is not girly to walk around with this and can sometime serve as a bold statement enhancing you being strong. Also, when women get their hands on it, they feel much more comfortable. Never judge a book by its cover, this funny and hilarious looking tool kit packs quite a punch.


Princess Degree: Custom Gag Doctorate Certificate

Princess Degree: Custom Gag Doctorate Certificate:

This comes out as a product that can be customized to suit every ones need. Something that can be gifted or purchased just for fun, you can completely customize this certificate to suit any situation. Be it a little princess or a prank you want to pull on someone, this serves as a great gift.


Bullet Bracelet

Bullet Bracelet:
Buy Gifts For Women

What can I say: there is always a spike in cool quotient as we near the end. This is something similar because the bullet bracelet is made out of actual Bullets. With Nickle Shell and tips this is as real as it gets. Though the gun-powder is removed and the bullets are practically dead, they are shiny and look great. What more? You can feel like a total badass wearing the same. This also can be gifted to your near and dear, simply because it looks so damn good.