Top 10 Cool Hats

Hats. They are much more than something that goes on top of your head. They speak a lot about character. A hat can either make someone look extremely dignified or astoundingly stupid. Most of the hats in this list probably do the latter, but for those who’d rather stand out than fit in, here are top 10 ‘coolest’ hats, in a random order. It’s up to you to decide which is the best.


The Turkey Hat

The Turkey Hat:

Thomas Jefferson wanted to make turkey the national bird of the United States. While in a parallel world this hat might have been something you wear to a presidential address, here it is just something you might wear on thanksgiving. But you would certainly look the part.


Husky animal hat with mittens

Husky animal hat with mittens:

Whether you look cute or extremely creepy in this hat depends on a host of different factors. But if you decide to take the gamble, and lose, the extreme coziness of this hat and the option of hitting people with the mittens should more than make up for it. We hope.


Beer box cowboy hat

Beer box cowboy hat:

Thought your baseball cap made you look manly? Try this. It’s like someone decided to make some urban Indiana Jones but stopped halfway. Whatever, at least you get that Wild West look, and you recycle! This hat is completely made out an 18 bottle case of Miller Lite beer.


Barbarian beard head

Barbarian beard head:

Next time you’re at a renaissance fair, this is a must have. Complete with iron clad helmet with visor and beard, this helmet will really roll back the years. The visor protects from enemy weapons and cold weather, and the beard is flame proof, probably. Please keep away from fires.


Dr. Who Hat

Dr. Who Hat:

Time travel is most probably not possible because of the grandfather paradox. Here’s the next best thing. This hat will have you looking like the time traveling doctor in no time. For all the geeks out there, here’s one more to add to your collection of hats, helmets and what not. It looks and feels like a homemade hat.


Pokemon pikachu Laplander

Pokemon pikachu Laplander:

This is the closest thing short of pokemon cruelty you can do to wear a pokemon on your head. To all those Pokemon freaks out there, now pikachu will follow you wherever you go too. That it’ll be on top of head is but a small technicality.


Headphone Hat

Headphone Hat:

This black beanie with a provision for headphones combines a classical look with a modern day requirement. This hat has far reaching applications, including being able to listen to music in class without ever getting caught.


Minecraft Hat

Minecraft Hat:

Everyone who plays minecraft falls in love with it. Pretty much the same goes for this hat. A green beanie which is a great fit for a night out, Halloween or even playing minecraft. Even for those who haven’t played the game, for whatever reason, this hat is still a great buy as it looks good and most people will get the reference.


Futurama Bender Hat

Futurama Bender Hat:

It all comes down to this: Super mario and luigi vs the evil doctor set, hand painted and limited edition. Take mario on great adventures for his princess, and who knows someday you might find the happy ending. Has all the major characters from the video game and comes in the collector’s tin.


Turkey Baby Hat

Turkey Baby Hat:

Here’s another turkey hat to go with the first one. However this one is toddler size, so you and your little one can be a cute pair this thanksgiving. This tan colored hat with intricately knitted white drumsticks is both cozy and will look adorable.

That completes the list of top 10 ‘coolest’ hats. So, if you’re looking for a novel way to protect your head from the rain and snow, and express your individuality in doing so, these hats are your best bet. From Indiana Jones to Dr. Who, knights to futurama, turkeys to turkeys, we’ve pretty much covered all the bases. They make great gifts too, if you know what the person is into as most of these hats are one size fits all. As they say, live your life, do your work, then take your hat.