Top 10 Cool Kitchen Stuff

Kitchen is the place where many of us can make do with the heat and other difficulties because the fruit of the labor comes out delicious and sumptuous. It is also one place where many of us spend the most important of times mostly pondering on life decisions when cutting onions and tomatoes. This definitely calls for pimping the space a little and we are here to the rescue. Here is a list of really cool kitchen gadgets that are built to make your cooking experience better than ever before.


Quirky Stem Hand Juicer

Quirky Stem Hand Juicer:
Cool Kitchen Stuff

There are times when we want the tangy citrus over our food and often go through the pain of cutting them and squeezing them. The trouble with squeezing the juice out is that sometimes the raw parts tend to blend in and make the dish bitter rather than sour. All these problems go find a way home with this Stem Hand Juicer which snugly fits into the fruit and sprays an even coating of the juice over the dish.


Retro Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster

Retro Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster:
Cool Kitchen Gadgets

You see hot-dog stations all around and in the middle of the night or on a cozy morning; your tongue lingers for a taste of this American wonder. What do you do? You buy the sausage and buns and try cooking it manually and much more. All that is past tense when you have this nostalgic Toaster which can hold up to two hot dogs and two hot dog buns at once which turn out perfectly cooked so that you can enjoy your food in style. It is pretty cool since it cooks it evenly and adds the taste that you find in subways and others stalls.


Strawberry Stem Remover

Strawberry Stem Remover:
Cool Kitchen Appliances

Removing the stem off strawberry is like playing minecraft since often you are unlucky and step on the mine of awkward cuts. The strawberry then sadly turns out in weird shapes and is not all that appealing when it needs to be added to a fruit salad or something similar. When you have the Strawberry Stem Remover, at least this is avoided since it’s a perfect fit and twist device that claws off the stem in a clean and swift motion. The blades are durable and last long and the device is also colored like a strawberry symbolizing its use.


Stainless Steel Pineapple Easy Slicer

Stainless Steel Pineapple Easy Slicer:

You are already ordering the product after what you see in the image. I don’t blame you but let me entice a little more information about this cool one of a kind slicer. This leaves the shell intact and cuts off the pineapple in 3” diameter rings with a perfect spiral like arrangement. Decoration just reached a whole new level with this slicer.


Condiment Gun

Condiment Gun:

This would make Clint Eastwood proud since it would have been a nice little addition to his kitchen. It gives the feeling of shooting something literally but not bullets. Instead, your favorite condiments are what come out and that too in style. Sit in front of a TV and take the gun to add ketchup to your fries or let your imagination go wild.


Scoop and Stack Ice Cream Scoop

Scoop and Stack Ice Cream Scoop:

Cuisipro have outdone themselves with this innovative Ice Cream Scoop. It contains a cylinder which cuts in through any hard ice-cream with ease and lifts it off with a single twist motion. It can then be added to a cone or a bowl according to your wishes. Gone are the days when you had to spoon up each serving turning the entire Ice-cream into a melting mess, get yourself the Stack Ice Cream Scoop.


6-Piece Knife Set

6-Piece Knife Set:

Every kitchen needs one of these bad boys. Ever seen those movies with the spinning wheel of death and knives being thrown at the human? This is the closest one can get to modeling something like that in real life. You can see what I mean with the picture to the left. With razor sharp knives and a solid holder, you got your cool kitchen set right where you want it. Try not to stab the poor soul in between.


Finger Guard Slicing Dicing

Finger Guard Slicing Dicing:

I for one am extremely scared of slicing my hands off when chopping vegetables and this is really cool and practical when it comes to speedy carefree slicing. It is made of steel which is durable and dishwasher safe. Deglon makes the most elegant and practical of appliances and this one bumps up the cool quotient while doing the same.


Digital Measuring Cup Scale

Digital Measuring Cup Scale:

For all the perfectionists around, this comes as god send when it comes to taking exact measurements of weight, volume and so on. It comes with an internal weight to volume conversion for milk, oil, sugar and many other commonly used ingredients. The digital display is easy to read and also gives a clean and crisp output.


Snot-A-Mug Egg Yolk Separator

Snot-A-Mug Egg Yolk Separator:

This is something that is not for the weak hearted. It is something that a brave soul would love to add on so as to increase the level of hipster in their kitchen. It is simple enough where you break egg and you tilt it forward for the white to ooze out of the nose while the yolk is left behind. Gross? Think about how it can be a conversation starter or how funny it would be when you are as a group. I would say it is pretty cool.