Top 10 Cool Lamps

Shine light on things and reveal its inner meaning. As the sun sets, create discover the dark with these magical beings. Am sorry, Narnia had me confused for a while that lamps are alive. Back to senses, you can most certainly say that these devices starting from Edison using them have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. Here are top 10 cool lamps that you really need to have.


Avatar Mushroom Lamp

Avatar Mushroom Lamp:

Intelligent lamps were a thing in sci-fi movies but making fiction facts has been our job for long now. These lamps have an intelligent light sensor to it which adjusts the light and intensity according to the ambient light around. It looks really cool, almost real like and emits a soft glow which spreads evenly across, something that would form an essential part of any office space or home décor.


Nessie Table Lamp

Nessie Table Lamp:

The LED lamp gets you to focus where you really need to. The head is flexible and has a memory to retain the shape that you fit it in. The LED’s itself are of different colors and you can change them according to the ambiance around. The furry little lamp is a fit gift for anybody and really cool to own.


Sun Flower LED Lamp

Sun Flower LED Lamp:

You look at this lamp and it looks back at you with a beaming smile full of energy that radiates out and brightens your world. Maybe I went a little too far with the imagery but who can say no to this adorable looking lamp. It is moreover rechargeable and comes in different colors with adjustable light intensity.


Chameleon Lamp

Chameleon Lamp:

The camouflage master of nature is just out to meet its closest competitor in the lamp world with this chameleon lamp that adapts to the color that it is placed on. Yes, you place it on the wall and squeeze it a little and it will mimic that very color. Place it on the floor and you get your floor’s color shining bright from the lamp. This deserves to be the coolest lamp in our list


Book Rest Lamp

Book Rest Lamp:

This lamp made of frosted glass gives you the perfect elaborate glow that is diffused enough not to hurt your eyes yet bright enough to ensure that you have a pleasant reading experience near it. It doubles as a book or file holder which again is an added advantage. The lamp turns into a small lighted house when a book is placed over it giving you the chills and warmth of that of home.


Pac-Man Ghost Lamp

Pac-Man Ghost Lamp:

Who has not played the game of Pac-Man. Many of the 90’s kids would have spent most of their childhood escaping from the ghosts. Now as an adult it is time to be brave and show off your conquer. It quite simply is to honor the great game and more over is the perfect lamp to have no matter you are kid or an adult.


Spill Paint Lamp

Spill Paint Lamp:

The lamp is quite funny and a great addition to any place whatsoever. Be it an office space where you can place it in your table or at home in your living room. This lamp blends in perfectly. It is also hilarious to look at and when it lights up, it is quite a good scene. Comes in different colors and is a really good gift for any age group.


Desk Leg Lamp

Desk Leg Lamp:

Designed by NECA, it is an approved product from the holiday classic. The lamp stands on a 20 inch leg and it is a great addition to your living space. Just like the one in the movie, this one is quite hilarious and it starts a few conversations and turns a few heads.


Tetris Constructible Light

Tetris Constructible Light:

This is definitely in the top three of our cool lamps list quite simply because of how addictive it is and how important Tetris is or has been in many of our lives. The brilliantly designed neon glow lamp lights up when you assemble the seven individual blocks together in any locked fashion and goes off as soon as you break the links. Darkness will never cause you to be bored again with this lamp on your side


Cosmos Light Lamp

Cosmos Light Lamp:

Who hasn’t lied down on a green patch of earth and wondered if they could lie there and fall asleep counting stars just to be woken up by the chills of the harsh outside weather? I have and I am sure many others have too. This lamp is solves all that in a whiff. With projector capacity lamps and transparent designer cover, it illuminates your entire room into the hundreds of galaxies that you see in the sky.