Top 10 Cool Mugs

Life kick starts with a cup of coffee or for some with a cup of steaming chamomile tea. What is common between most of these starts? The cup or the mug! Yes, a humble element that enables us to be civilized in various little guilty pleasures throughout the day and hence putting us a class apart from our k-nine counterparts. Here we look at some of the coolest mugs you can rest your eyes on and moreover most of them are enough to get you the extra boost alongside caffeine.


Chalkboard Thermal Ceramic Cup

Chalkboard Thermal Ceramic Cup:

A one of its kind cup that is dishwasher safe and microwave friendly lets you write on its surface with a white chalk. You can even erase the chalk off because of the ceramic coating and can reuse the cup as many times as you want. It is thermally insulated too to ensure that your beverage remains at the right temperature and bounds to be perfect for love notes, quotes or simple reminders.


Recycling Bin Mug

Recycling Bin Mug:

There are many people out there who are serious about being friendly to the environment they live and most times not much to the people around. Don’t like seeing others use the plastic or Styrofoam cups? Be the difference that you want to see with this cool Recycling Bin shaped mug that shows your positive inclination towards a better future for us all.


Tank Up is a Coffee Mug

Tank Up is a Coffee Mug:

A gas indicated printed on the coffee mug with analog style filling. The mug actually raises the fuel bar to the right temperature at which your beverage is. For the inner Top Gear in you, this mug is something of a show that you can proudly display in front of your friends. It also serves as a warning indicator before you place dry cold coffee after diving into work and getting grossed out. You need to have one of these really cool mugs.


Ctrl Alt Delete Cup Set

Ctrl Alt Delete Cup Set:

The savior at times of desperate needs, if you are a Windows user, you know what I am talking about. Doesn’t mean a MAC user shouldn’t resort to the subtle message of getting this cool cup set. If you are the three musketeers’ kind, perfect to buy since you solve troubles. It serves as a unique gift set and also as a personal memorabilia. A must have for geeks and tech addicts.


Disappearing Dino Mug

Disappearing Dino Mug

The mug is so cool, I am sure you are on to the payment page by now. This is a one of a kind and brilliantly thought out mug with heat sensitive coating that gradually transforms the dinosaurs to fossils as you pour hot coffee. Literally witness the event that occurred billions of years ago over a cup of coffee. Now that is drinking coffee in some style.


Grenade Mug, Complaint Department

Grenade Mug, Complaint Department:

12-ounces of hot beverage that makes everyone around you pull a chuckle even at the strenuous of instances. Wait, it is not the beverage but this really thought out and funny coffee mug. It is still perfect if you are the boss since you can place this in front of your employees when they complaint. It does find a cozy place in a teen environment since most whines tend to reverberate from such walls.


Prescription Coffee Mug

Prescription Coffee Mug:

The coffee mug is designed in the shape of a prescription bottle, yes the doctor has advised three doses of the same thrice a day. The much needed caffeine boost of yours comes with hilarious facts written all of over the mug. It can be the perfect gift to a coffee fanatic or a funny novelty to use at the office which is guaranteed to turn a couple of heads and start a couple of conversations.


Face Mug

Face Mug:

Really cool Mug to have with you which shows class and efficiency on your part. A mug that serves the beverage along with its snack buddy at a single go, be it milk and cookies, coffee and donuts or tea and biscuits, you have the perfect cup for everyone. The funny shape of the mug alongside turns quite some head and serves as a good conversation starter.


Rubik’s Cube Mug

Rubik’s Cube Mug:

Don’t worry; it has already been solved for your convenience. There is a service where if you solve the cube within ten seconds, they make a coffee mug out the cube for you. That is exactly the story you want to say to people. Jokes apart, it is an elegant looking mug that is thermally insulated to keep your beverage at the right temperature and also portrays the inner thirst for puzzles in you.


Toilet Coffee Mug

Toilet Coffee Mug:

The perfect gift that serves the dual purpose, make your buddy laugh whilst rolling on the floor and also provide for a cup of coffee in times of need. After all, the toilet shaped mug does indicate the next pit-stop. Made out of ceramic, it is dishwasher safe. Maybe carry it to Starbucks or pull this hilarious type of drinking in front of your friends, but yes it not for the weak hearted.

Start your day with a little bit of hip and cool since it is the time that you dedicate to yourself.
And you, of all the people, are special.