Top 10 Cool Office Stuff

Top 10 Cool Office Stuff list will keep you from getting bored at work. Office is the place where many of us spend most of the day. This is why we work hard and play hard. So when you finish your work and it’s time to relax we have a TOP TEN Cool Office Stuff list to spark your imagination. If you are looking to spruce up your office with cool office supplies, any or all of these items would make an excellent addition to your workspace or inspire you to get cool office gifts .


iLaunch Rocket Launcher

iLaunch Rocket Launcher for iPhone:

Nothing cures pent up frustration better than nailing an annoying coworker with a dart, right? You can launch a stealth attack from up to 25 feet away by using your iPhone to control the shots. Sweet, anonymous revenge!


The Ultimate Office Warfare Kit

Mini Ballista: The Ultimate Office Warfare Kit:

Does your cubicle neighbor always blast annoying music? Are smelly people congregating near your desk? Declare war! This tabletop ballista launches lightweight projectiles that are small enough to be safe but big enough to give people the hint that their presence is unwanted.


USB Desktop Aquarium

USB Desktop Aquarium:

This small aquarium gets its power right out of your computer’s USB port. Watching fish swim and listening to running water is a great way to ease stress. All you need is a pet fish and you’ve got yourself a little piece of zen right in your office.


Laser Projection Keyboard and Touchpad

Laser Projection Keyboard and Touchpad:

This fully-functional laser keyboard is something straight out of a spy movie. Instead of feeling like an office drone while you work on your data entry, you’ll feel like a high-tech secret agent working on a highly classified mission.


Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint

Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint:

Why box your ideas in on a board when you can cover the walls with them? This specialized paint can turn any wall into a writeable/erasable surface. It’s perfect for brainstorming sessions or even just some intense doodling.


Hint Sticky Labels

Hint Sticky Labels: Cool Office Supplies

Forget about being subtle. These notes have the in-your-face attitude you need to get stuff done. These are great for in-office memos with a close co-worker and even better for bosses who need to get through the thick skulls of their subordinates.


WTF Stamp

WTF Stamp: Cool Office Gifts

Have you ever read over a memo or report and thought to yourself “WTF?” With this stamp, you can convey your thoughts loud and clear. Next time you are displeased with any paper than ends up on your desk, just give it a WTF stampand move on with your day.


Portable Razor - Card Shaver

Portable Razor / Card Shaver:

If you are the kind of guy who starts getting your 5’clock shadow right after lunch, this is a must-have. This compact razor folds to the size of a credit card so it can be stored in your wallet or desk. You’ll never have to show up to an afternoon meeting with stubble again.


Eviltron – Electronic Prank Sound Device

Eviltron – Electronic Prank Sound Device:

If you are feeling bitter about your boss forcing you to work longer hours, this prank sound device might be just what you need. The tiny device is only slightly larger than a quarter so it can be easily hidden around the office. Every six minutes it will emit creepy sounds like creaking, scratching, or gasping breath. Hide it under your boss’s desk or in the bathroom and they’ll think twice about staying late next time.


Good Book Flask In A Book

Good Book Flask In A Book: Cool Office Stuff

Some days require a stiff drink. You can keep your emergency supply hidden away in this flask that fits snuggly inside of a book. You can store in a deskdrawer or even in plain site and no one will be the wiser.

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