Top 10 Cool Pillows

The nap time is the duration we dedicate to ourselves rather selfishly more than any other instant in our lives. The most important part of the sleep setup includes the humble pillow which gently cradles our head and lets our brain rest and body rejuvenate. When it comes to this essential product, here is a list to get your pillows up to style.


iPhone Shaped Pillow

iPhone Shaped Pillow:

It does not matter if you own the famous and crowd crazy apply product or not. And for those who own any smartphone at all, we know how essential the tiny device is providing us with entertainment and business. Why not let it comfort us when we are going to the special world that is not reality. This is a really cool pillow to have almost almost all the places, be it your car or your bedroom.


Mega Man Megabuster Pillow

Mega Man Megabuster Pillow:

Who has not played the ever so popular Mega Man. Now here is this special pillow which gets your dream realized of not only being the Mega Man but also letting you comfortably fall asleep over the Megabuster. It also puts a smile of others and gives you the comfort of napping anywhere anytime. If you are bored, pull this out and shoot some evil robots.


U Body Pillow

U Body Pillow:

For those who like to cuddle, look no further. This pillow is ergonomically designed to give you the best comfort throughout your body no matter which position you sleep in. It also helps those with Back Pain, Shoulder and Neck Pain to better fall asleep. It is hence the complete healer as you may say.


Boyfriend Pillow

Boyfriend Pillow:

Similar to our previous competitor to being cool, this pillow is again for those who like to cuddle while their better halves are against such an act. This comes with a microfiber shirt and the pillow is quite great for both the genders quite simply because of its utility. You can use it as a body pillow as well to support your neck. Watch a movie alongside this buddy or sleep snuggling in comfort.


Cassette Tape Retro Pillow

Cassette Tape Retro Pillow:

This on first glance looks like a extrapolated cassette tape indeed. Made of polyester, it is comfortable enough to send you back to the times where you slept peacefully in a cradle. Yes, this is the real and true retro pillow which gives you the nostalgic chills.


“Say I Love You” Couple Pillowcases

“Say I Love You” Couple Pillowcases:

Nothing beats these pillowcases to have as a couple or to gift someone in a relation. It looks really sweet together and doesn’t make much sense without each other, much like a real couple. Imagine the untold connections it brings about when the couples sleep with these cases that are magically bound to communicate with each other.


Multi Position Pillow

Multi Position Pillow:

We have another healer around since this pillow is the ultimate sleep assistant. No matter which position you prefer sleeping, this perfectly provides the necessary comfort to have a sound sleep. Its rigid back supports are helpful in keeping the spine in shape during sleeps and is also a blessing for stomach sleepers.


LED Star Pillow

LED Star Pillow:

No matter how old one gets, you still have a little child in you waiting to come out. What stops us from jumping onto a swing in a park is the “Adults not Allowed sign”. This pillow fills a little hole there when it comes to having the best pillow to sleep on or to have. Perfect for various situations and if you have kids, needless to say, they would love it and is also a cute gift during Valentine’s Day.


Stereo Pillow Speaker

Stereo Pillow Speaker:

The stereo pillow speaker is a god’s gift to mankind because how many times have we had the disappointment of turning off the iPod just because we are too sleepy? Haven’t we always wanted to sleep and drift off to a distant with the sound of music? This is the solution which not only can help in acoustic therapies and hypnosis treatment but also can provide us with our favorite songs to fall asleep.


Pillow Remote Control

Pillow Remote Control:

Probably the coolest pillow in the world, this is something you just got to have lying around in your household. With almost 500 devices preprogrammed and a self-code search function that lets you immediately control all the devices in your house and also provide you with the comfort of a normal pillow cushion, I say this is indispensable. The cool quotient is too damn high with this.