Top 10 Cool Self Defence Stuff

Protecting your self is not a selfish act but an act of bravery and of course, theory of evolution demands that we survive against the odds. If there is any situation where you feel threatened, knowing the bare essentials of self-defense can help a lot. But when it comes to doing it with style and scaring the threat away like a dog to a vacuum cleaner, you need the stuff in this list. So here we go with the Top Ten Cool Self Defense Stuff that is sure to blow your mind.



SWAT Vest:

If you are in a line of work where your dear comrades from the other party carry arms at will, then you need one of these vests that are bound to protect you even from the sawn off shotguns. It is made of heavy-duty nylon material and contains place holders for pellets, shells and radio. It is the complete setup you want to have if you are getting your hands dirty with gun-powder.


Self Defense Shoe Insert

Self Defense Shoe Insert:

The shoe insert are practically the most effective tool for anyone no matter the level of martial arts or other defense training you have underwent. If you are already trained, this could enhance your chances of protecting yourself. If you are not, a kick using these will shoot bolts of pain that will give you enough time to escape.


Knuckle Case for iPhone

Knuckle Case for iPhone:

You smell – You suck at parking – Your tattoos are dumb – Your service is terrible (for waiters) – Santa isn’t real – You’re ugly – You’re an idiot – Stop being a sissy. It probably isn’t so easy to tell someone these things in their face. That’s why we have business cards to these for us. Offensive ones can be pretty helpful in getting the message across while keeping your hands pretty clean!


Lipstick Mini Pepper Spray

Lipstick Mini Pepper Spray:

This is the perfect camouflage weapon for any woman out there. All you have to do is pull out this innocent unsuspecting lipstick and maybe a pocket mirror to make it a little more authentic. If you sense danger, simply unload on the oppressor and watch the person crumble away never to attack anyone again.


Blast Knuckles “Shock Therapy”

Blast Knuckles “Shock Therapy”:

Almost a million volts right at your fists, even Zeus is a little jealous with this cool device. What took godly Greek power now is available for all at a stunning price and of course convenience. Moreover, these knuckles are really comfortable and you can wear it around without much hesitation as they give you both the comfort and the power.


PeepHole LCD Viewer

PeepHole LCD Viewer:

Probably the best defense gadget for all. Install it in your house as a better alternative to security cameras. This will ensure that the perpetuator does not know that he is being monitored unlike a security camera flashing in front of his face. This displays the image from the peephole with enhanced clarity and makes sure you know who you open your doors to.


Pepper Spray Gun

Pepper Spray Gun:

The gun alone being pulled out during an attack is enough to ward off any oppressor. But to add fuel to the fire the person goes through, fire away a heavy load of pepper and obstruct the attacker’s vision. With the precision and accuracy this gun offers along with a range of around 20 feet, you are at survivals best here.


Pepper Spray iPhone Case

Pepper Spray iPhone Case:

The case is designed to be easily accessible anywhere anytime. This is especially useful because today, we do not leave our smartphone anywhere. We carry them around and are in constant touch with others using the same. With a self-defense mechanism such as this attached to your phone, you are sure of having the best chance of getting away.


Sap Cap Self Defense Hat

Sap Cap Self Defense Hat:

If you were to be wearing a Kevlar helmet and suit around, you know nobody is going to mess with you but then again it is blatantly evident that you are armored. But with this cap which packs a material of very high density, you swing it around at the attacker, and he would never know what hit him.


Survival Spear with Sheath

Survival Spear with Sheath:

This comes at the top quite simply because it is really cool. Who dare come near when you carry around such a massive spear? This is the ultimate kit for self-defense because it doesn’t matter if it is a bear attacking you or a human or a robot, this can handle anything and everything.