Top 10 Cool Shot Glasses

Drinking has evolved as ages passed, and it has gone from a luxury to a habit to an art, where the ambience and mood of the drinker is set by his favored poison and company. So do you carefully craft your surroundings to create the mood? Or perhaps you pride yourself in your taste of shot glasses; or for whatever reason: These will do you a world of good.


Shot Glass Checkers Game Set

Shot Glass Checkers Game Set:

Mixing pleasure and work is a trend these days; so why not bring together your favorite board game and drinking? Play a drinking game while you’re at it, challenge your opponent at finishing his shots… the fun is endless! Consider yourself competent at checkers? Fill your glasses with Vodka and challenge your sober friend to a drink-on-move!


Gummi Shot Glasses

Gummi Shot Glasses:

No they are not shaped like the protagonists of your favorite show. They’re flavoured instead! Ever feel the need to experiment with more than just your drink? Perhaps with the glass and with so many choices of flavors the combinations are endless! Tingle your taste buds and your senses with this trendy yet practical idea!


Glow LED Shot Glasses

Glow LED Shot Glasses:

Darkness sets the mood for a night of indulgence, where your drink is the only thing that lights the way. Complete the darkness and let your drinks literally show you the way with these beauties! A mix of the modern and the classic, these suits all!


Bombs Away, Shot Glasses

Bombs Away, Shot Glasses:

Perhaps you indulge in classy wine as well as intoxicating whiskey or vodka? Feel the need for two sets of glasses? Combine the class of wine and the at one go of whiskey with these dainty glasses! Measuring exactly two ounces, they tell you how much you’ve done as well.


Toxic waste glasses

Toxic waste glasses:

Duke Nukem fan? Nuclear scientist? Drink enthusiast who shows off his daredevilry? It hardly matters with these glasses made with the finest craftsmanship; after all you drink to impress! Show off the potency of your drink with these quality products.


2 Shot Glasses, Bottoms Up

2 Shot Glasses, Bottoms Up:

A pair of glasses created to add a twist to your passion. Check your limits of comprehension with these glasses, after all, you know you’re wasted when you cant differentiate drink from drunk! Stylized and beautiful, these are sure to bewitch the eyes of your beholder.


Crystal Skull Shotglass

Crystal Skull Shotglass:

Drinking is a dangerous game, or so it may seem to those less familiar to the task. To all those around you, show off your bravery with the very symbol of death inscribed in your drink, and a smiling one at that!


Shot in the Pint Drinking Glasses

Shot in the Pint Drinking Glasses:

Shot in the pint as the name puts it, make each drink count as though it were two! Tall elegant glasses that betray your love for the brew and the art of drinking. Or you might just end up looking like a lazy farmer taking a cool break on a busy sunny day. Either way, so much win!


Mason Jar Shot Glasses

Mason Jar Shot Glasses:

In case you’re not up on the trends, all of the coolest adults are pickling and canning the massive hoards of locally-grown vegetables that they haul home from farmer’s markets and their community-supported agriculture shares. When you’re not shoving peaches in them, it’s trendy to drink beverages out of canning jars.


Collapsible Drinking Cup

Collapsible Drinking Cup:

Fancy a cup from the U.S. Marines? Well this Laser printed specially crafted cup combines functionality, looks and fine taste into one durable package that no marine would ever turn down. What about you?