Top 10 Cool Stuff For Kids

Being a child is something that we all miss the most. It has its advantages of being carefree and being able to get away with practically anything. Get your hands dirty and hair covered with sand? No problem, an innocent look can blow any adult away and melt their stubborn heart.

Kids have been the part and parcel of happiness in many households and it is time to do them some justice. Here is a list of Top Ten Cool Stuff For Kids that is so cool that when bought to them, they would listen to you for an entire year ahead. Of course, you need to constantly bribe them of ice cream and burgers in between, but apart from that, these amazing Cool Toys For Kids should keep their enthusiasm up in the air.


Harry Potter’s Gryffindor Scarf

Harry Potter’s Gryffindor Scarf:

Beginning the list with one of the most famous and well talked about kid’s novelties, Harry Potter, we can guarantee you that the direction you are heading is the right one. Wait, most of the kids who read and are fans of Harry Potter are now adults, so this is a mixed product that satisfies the thirst of both the adult and the children’s community. Adorn this and you are officially a Gryffindor. The scarf is suited for wizards who are able to produce patronous not related to the dark lord in any way. In general, this is a must have for any fan.


LEGO Kids’ Star Wars Darth Vader Watch

LEGO Kids’ Star Wars Darth Vader Watch:

Well the time has come to pick sides and this watch clearly indicates your alliance. Just kidding, this novelty is a treat to anyone who is a fan of Star Wars. Not only kids but also suited for adults, this collectible is awesome from the very looks of it. Now, combine the second most favorite pastime of any youngster, LEGO, along with Star Wars and you realize the level of epic this reaches. With interchangeable straps and scratch resistant glass that is water proof, this is a must have practical product. If you are going to have a watch, why not a Lego Star Wars commemoration, it is so much cooler.


Giant Bubble Kit

Giant Bubble Kit: Cool Toys For Kids

Everybody is fascinated by the bubble man in fairs who is magically capable of producing huge bubbles that just don’t seem to burst. Whereas when you make your own soap solution bubble at home, they tend to pop in a matter of seconds. What is the difference, there is a whole lot of science behind it and Dip Stix Kits takes care of that part for you. This Giant Bubble Kit comes with the entire set; bubble wand, solution mix and carry pouch. It arms you with the power of gigantic bubbles just by adding tap water to the mixture. You can even go into the bubble, not kidding. Needless to say, it is awesome!


Mini Shopping Cart

Mini Shopping Cart:

A Melissa & Doug design, this Mini Shopping Cart is perfect for young generation of shoppers who constantly add stuff to the cart pile. Give them the freedom of having their own cart so that they feel independent when shopping. This not only helps cheer them up but also can help segregate the materials you bought from the materials that were added in. For example, ten packs of Toblerone.


Wild Anteater Bug Vacuum

Wild Anteater Bug Vacuum:

Ever met those kids who are curious about the critters around the house and constantly remain in the garden either trying to pet one or catch one of them? The problem with that is the risk of the bug being poisonous and also about hygiene. All that can be forgotten with this Anteater Bug Vacuum which mimics the natural anteater like instincts and sucks in the bug. After which children can observe the behavior of the various bugs in the transparent stomach of the Vacuum. Once their thirst is satisfied, they can then safely release them back to their natural habitats. This comes useful to help them gain knowledge, let them have their fun and also keeps them from harm’s way. Cool? Very much.


Nintendo Wall Graphics – Super Mario Bros

Nintendo Wall Graphics – Super Mario Bros:

Admit it, most of the 90′s kids dreamed of being able to transport to Mario world and rescue their own princess from the evil dragon. Though the dream did not come true, there is still hope for kids and adults alike who are die-hard fans of Mario. This wall graphics is a Re-stackable Vinyl Wall Decal which can be used multiple times. With the entire level planned out, you are all set to destroy the dragon. Your princess awaits you.


Shark Sleeping Bag

Shark Sleeping Bag: Cool Stuff For Kids

At first sight, do not scream. It is not a real shark and the kid is just asleep. This Shark Sleeping Bag defines a whole new level of creativity and pure awesomeness. During active hours, it transforms as a toy to play with and when sleepy, children snuggle into it and feel safe with the ferocious creature cradling them. Made out of polyester and cotton mix and filled with Polyester Fiber, it is one of the best products that you will ever see. Being an adult, I want one.


Lamborghini Kid Car

Lamborghini Kid Car:

Italian Design meets standards of kids these days. Many of the kids of today are impressed by sports cars and dream of buying Ferraris and Lamborghinis in the future. Though a little unrealistic, they are often disappointed with their toys and lack the feeling of reality. Take care of that for them with this amazing piece of toy that makes adults want to become kids all over again. Cool quotient has gone off the charts and is somewhere in the space waving back to us.


Air Guitar

Air Guitar:

What strikes the most out of this cool product is its affordable price and level of being awesome. This is truly an Air Guitar is no meager toy. It allows the user to play actual chords and it’s recognizing strums using the infra-red signals from the side of the guitar. Is your mind blown? You can play almost all the chords and it can even replace an actual guitar in the future.


Clear Lighted Skateboard Green LED lights

Clear Lighted Skateboard Green LED lights:

There is hardly anything to explain about this product. Many of you might even be in the process of buying it. It is a crystal clear skateboard which is durable enough to absorb almost all the vibrations from the ground. At night, switch on its awesome LED lights that make the board visible from a really long distance. The next block kids would know that the star of the road is approaching. Need to have some hot coffee, because this made my hands numb from being too damn cool.