Top 10 Cool Toilet Papers

How important is it for you to be relaxed while you are making poo? Does your partner usually complain about the excessively long time you spend at the pot? Excellent! Coz’ there’s something here just for you. If you’re great at making poo, then why not make it with some great products. Here is a list of the 10 Coolest Toilet Papers, which would take your ‘poo’ experience a step ahead of the rest.


Boston Red Sox Sucks Toilet Paper

Boston Red Sox Sucks Toilet Paper:

Show your support for this team by having their name everywhere – even on your toilet paper. This is for ardent sports fans. If you’re rooting against, them then take this paper and use it for what it is.


Funny Toilet Paper $100 bills

Funny Toilet Paper $100 bills:

You certainly can’t fool a man by paying him $100 toilet paper bills. But this is an interesting thing to have in your toilet. 200 sheets of $100 bills rolled into a toilet paper. Now that’s a lot of money you’re staring at, especially when you’re on a pot.


Measuring Tape Toilet Paper

Measuring Tape Toilet Paper:

This is for those who get so bored in there that they turn mad. Here is something that will keep you out of boredom for a while. Measure your hands, feet, the distance to the door and anything else you can. Once you’re relieved (of boredom), wipe your bottom and get out.


No Tear Toilet Paper

No Tear Toilet Paper:

This is for pranksters. One of the best ways to prank your friend. There is nothing more irritating, that trying to tear a piece of toilet paper which refuses to tear. The only option your friend would have would be to leave the paper hanging. Let’s hope you don’t try this in your own toilet!


Emergency Toilet Paper Roll

Emergency Toilet Paper Roll:

What if you couldn’t stand a second longer but your toilet paper is caught short. You certainly can’t wait. That’s why we’ve come up with the Emergency Toilet Paper. Break the Glass and bail yourself out of the emergency. And mind you – use only in case of emergency.


Camouflage Toilet Paper

Camouflage Toilet Paper:

A perfect gift for anyone in the army. This toilet paper has 200 sheets of roll which perfectly matches the army suit. Don’t worry – the ink won’t stick on to your bottom. Gift it to your army officer neighbor so that he can relive his war experiences in his toilet.


Sudoku Toilet Paper

Sudoku Toilet Paper:

This is for nerds, or for those of you who spend ages in the toilet. The age of magazines and tablets are done, and we now have these head-scratching puzzles on toilet papers. If you are stuck with the puzzle, and don’t know what to do. Simple. Tear it off and use it for what it is. Warning – It is extremely addictive.


Pink Toilet Paper

Pink Toilet Paper:

Are you a pinkaholic? Is your bedroom colored from floor to ceiling with bright pink? Do you look like a fully dressed Barbie doll when you go outside? It’s time to show your affection for Pink in another place. Yes – the toilet. This bright pink toilet paper is perfect for those who lead Pink lives. Or you could just be conducting a breast cancer awareness program, in your toilet.


Superhero Toilet Paper

Superhero Toilet Paper:

Do you live the action sequences from your favorite super hero comic? This one is for you. Relive that experience on the pot with Splash, Pop, Parp and Flush. Your experience in the toilet would undoubtedly be more enthralling, if not anything else.


Tantalizing Toilet Paper

Tantalizing Toilet Paper:

The coolest toilet paper ever! This is what you should be gunning for on the eve of a party. This toilet paper not only wipes your bottom clean, it also gives you great ideas for some action with your partner. Use your toilet time to get ready for action. Your partner certainly won’t be disappointed.