Top 10 Cool Towels

Since when did wiping yourself with a towel become a cool thing? Long back! With the coolest Towels in town, wiping yourself is no longer about getting yourself dry. Pull out some of these towels in the beach, and be sure to make a statement of yourself. These can turn heads and make people stare at you. Here is a list of the Top 10 Cool Towels:


Blood Bath Hand Towel

Blood Bath Hand Towel:

This is going to freak out your guests. Blood spilled, splattered and splashed onto your towel. This is going to get your guests wondering what exactly you are upto in there. The eerie red on the white towel gives a near perfect eerie feel!


Sizzling Bacon Kitchen Towel

Sizzling Bacon Kitchen Towel:

Ever considered wiping your hands on a pig? Now you have an option to feel nearly the same. This towel looks exactly like a bacon, and if it doesn’t tempt you to swallow it, then it certainly does make you want to touch it, or even wipe your hands on it.


Luxury Oversized Beach Towels

Luxury Oversized Beach Towels:

This is for those who want an unperturbed slumber at the beach. This two sided towel comes with a detachable pillow and also has water-proof pockets to hold you mobile phones, iPods, iPads, sunscreen and everything else. And it’s oversize too!


Dr Who Tardis Beach Towel

Dr Who Tardis Beach Towel:

Keep your body nice and warm with this huge towel measuring 30” x 60”. Its made of 100% cotton. And its best use is found in the beach. You could use it as your bath towel also though.


Official Dick Towel

Official Dick Towel:

This on first glance looks like a extrapolated cassette tape indeed. Made of polyester, it is comfortable enough to send you back to the times where you slept peacefully in a cradle. Yes, this is the real and true retro pillow which gives you the nostalgic chills.


Butt Face Towel

Butt Face Towel:

This is just a reminder as to how we must keep our Butt and Face apart, as God has designed us. Gift it to your loser friends of you want them to remember that. It also ends the confusion of which side to use, making it a very handy piece of cloth with a bit of coolness added to it.


Double Beach Towel, I am busy

Double Beach Towel, I am busy:

This towel serves two purposes. Not only does it keep you dry in the sun, it also sends others a message “I am busy”. It’s pretty big in size to give you a comfortable nap, and you can be assured that you have a uninterrupted nap too. Certainly a good buy!


$100 Beach Towel

$100 Beach Towel:

The $100 Beach Towel is one of two current notes that does not feature a President of the United States but is the most popular. Wrapping yourself up I one of these is again, a head turner. It makes you feel so rich to do something like that. They are extremely soft and quite a luxury too!


Insta Kilt Towel

Insta Kilt Towel:

This is the gift you have been waiting to give your Scottish friends, especially the ones who are pretty particular about showing off their heritage! It’s a fun towel that makes for good pictures too. the towel can be used for plenty of time over and over again. It washes well, so you don’t have to worry about walking around in a stinky red towel.


Cooling Towel

Cooling Towel:

Cooling Towel: Dampen this synthetic space age towel to create a cooling aid significantly colder than ambient air. Hot conditions are tough on people. The Chill-Its Evaporative Series provides cooling through evaporation to keep you comfortable all day long. This cost effective approach will help you stay cool, fight fatigue, and increase your productivity. This Cooling Towels Are the best way to battle heat from the foundry to freeway. Evaporative cooling bandanas, headbands, triangle hats, and hard hat inserts keep cool comfort on tap for hours.