Top 10 Cool Umbrellas

Cookie, cup of coffee or tea on a rainy day is the bliss that many are still in search of. Sages and wise men have understood that happiness is not in cars and mansions rather in simple things like enjoy a walk in the rain. But many of us don’t have the guts to get wet and in reality it is only if we have some work do we go out in the rain. Another scenario of course includes getting caught in an unexpected drench. So here is a list of really cool umbrellas that would turn quite a few heads on the road.


Double Umbrella

Double Umbrella:Cool Umbrellas

How does one deal with the excess splatters from the end of a regular umbrella? And what about situations where you have your date by your side and there is this awkward stealthy drops that drench a side each of you both. All these situations call for the coolest solution that is to have two umbrellas and even better to have a single handle for them both. Forget about getting wet when you have the power of the Double Umbrella.


Fuck The Rain Umbrella

Fuck The Rain Umbrella:

There are many rain haters around and in a world filled with a mixture of both lovers and haters; one cannot simply proclaim their thought in the middle of the street. There is a need for being subtle and decorum needs to be maintained. This umbrella screws all that and puts up a blatant finger to the rain as you march about not caring about anything else in the world. Definitely cool and of hipster material also adds a little humor to the situation.


Color Change Umbrella

Color Change Umbrella:

This umbrella is amusing and brings out the little kid in you. The white raindrop patterns change into various different colors when wet. It is everything that an umbrella should be and a little more adding color and zest to a gloomy shower. If you ask me, I would water it like I water my plants to cheer up.


LED Umbrella

LED Umbrella:

The night walk just got a little better with this LED umbrella which is almost 36 inches in length. The color of the LED changes and the shaft is sturdy enough to hold. Close it and it suddenly turns into a light saber, umbrella version though.


Hands Free Umbrella

Hands Free Umbrella:Cool Umbrella

It looks like an out of the world invention but on thoughts of usage turns out pretty practical. Why would you want this? Ever bothered by phone calls during rainy walks trying to manage your phone and the umbrella? Moreover, there are those times when your umbrella constantly inverts because of the wind getting you all wet. This avoids and puts a full stop to such instances and gives you a comfortable experience.


Haircut Umbrella

Haircut Umbrella:

This is the most practical use of umbrella technology so far. Personally all of us have experienced the hair finding its way down our shirts when we go to the saloon. It is time to stop all that with this umbrella specially designed to keep out hair clippings. It also helps for easy clean up later as all the hair gets collected in the umbrella. With variable neck size and simple concept, this turns out pretty cool.


Pet Umbrella (Dog Umbrella)

Pet Umbrella (Dog Umbrella):

This is definitely a unique umbrella which keeps your pet from wriggling water all over you and also helps in keeping them dry. No matter how naughty your pet gets, the umbrella covers the entire area preventing rain from reaching them. Also, the umbrella is made of a clear material and hence your pet can see you and not freak out thinking it is stuck in a cave.


Samurai Umbrella

Samurai Umbrella:

I don’t even have to say anything for this really cool umbrella. It transforms you into a part samurai and it does look awfully similar to a samurai sword when folded. Carry it around and you can avoid bullies and mugging while on a rainy day its true self is revealed.


Luxury Beach Chair

Luxury Beach Chair:

This is all about carrying around luxury. An all in one set that snugly fits into a small package that can be carried around contains coolers, thermal insulators, cup holders, pillow and much more. The umbrella on top prevents awful sunburns. The cooler can accommodate up to two wine glasses and it comes as a pretty decent investment if you want to be the one who prepared for the beach trip and all of these in style.


Heart Shaped Umbrella

Heart Shaped Umbrella:

This had to be one of the coolest in the bunch. It adds the romance to the rain which already lingers in the air. It adds the commitment required to boast to the world that you are in love. This heart shaped umbrella serves as the perfect gift and much more. Walk away into the unknown world with your better half as this covers both of you and keeps you dry for some quality time with each other. Be it a rainy day or a sunny evening, you need one of these symbols of love.