Top 10 Cool Usb Flash Drives

Flash drives have become the part and parcel of our storage needs nowadays. It has successfully replaced magnetic memory devices both in terms of speed, size and efficiency. The rates too have dropped like a stone over the past few years and today it is commonplace for anyone and everyone to own a USB flash drive. Here is where we beg to differ, since this list about making the commonplace object a novelty in itself. So we go with a list of Top Ten Cool USB Flash Drives.


Strawberry USB Flash Drive

Strawberry USB Flash Drive:

Think about a strawberry sticking out of the USB port converting your seemingly subtle and boring computer in part desert marmalade. Yes, it is for the child in your who adores strawberries. Surprisingly light weight and can be used in any environment. It also serves a cozy gift since strawberry is always the associated with fun and happiness. And yes, of course it stores files with a space of 4GB.


4GB USB Flash Drive in a Bottle

4GB USB Flash Drive in a Bottle:

Remember the good old days when memories were made with pulling the cork out of a wine bottle. This USB does remind us of something similar. Better still, of the ocean floating bottled messaged sailors used to send out. The pendrive enclosure is cork and it snugly fits inside the glass bottle provided alongside. Use it wisely, and do not let anyone crack at it.


8GB Secure Key USB Flash Drive

8GB Secure Key USB Flash Drive:

This is the hummer of the USB world with Military Grade AES 256-Bit CBC Hardware Encryption program. It is strong as the hummer shield itself with tough aluminum casing and is waterproof with tamper evident casing. Aegis secure key is one of a kind and gets a lock as soon as you remove the pen drive which on itself is platform independent. What more? The data is impossible to be extracted without causing permanent damage to the device. A must have for anybody.


4GB Wooden Cross USB Drive

4GB Wooden Cross USB Drive:

The wooden case is for the inner believer in you. It is definitely a subtly indication to “may Jesus save us all” and yes; it does save a lot of data. It comes with a leather necklace with a lobster cap and has a tiny magnet to the end of the cross. We know many who would love to have such a gift and sometimes, we can steal away to own on ourselves, so go ahead and order, since it is the holy storage device.


Steampunk USB Flash Thumb Drive

Steampunk USB Flash Thumb Drive :

Touching this device tends to modify environmental elements and give it a steam-punked gothic edge like you see in movies. It is not magical, though is really cool. The drive itself is copper plated and comes along with a copper plated presentation box. Polish it and keep it safe since it is a reminder of simpler styles of bling and cool.


The Avengers USB 8GB Flash Drive

The Avengers USB 8GB Flash Drive:

This is a set of four drives with Thor, The Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America stealing the show in terms of storage. Marvel’s capitalization though is once concern, but who can ignore the avengers themselves sticking out of your ports. I shall occupy all my ports just to have a glimpse of the Marvel wonders in action saving my troubles. Well yes, though a dramatic manner of putting it, it does bump up the cool quotient to new heights.


4GB Robot USB Flash Drive

4GB Robot USB Flash Drive:

The days when robots assist us in our daily days are not far ahead and here is a start. Though not automated with a processor to control a billion dollar suit, this robot can pull its own head off so that you can store your precious data. A sacrifice it willing to make just for you. Of course you can attach it back again if you will to do so. With spring arms attached to the cap/head, it is simply cool.


4GB USB Ninja Flash Drive

4GB USB Ninja Flash Drive:

Can you see the ninja? It protects your flash drive from water and much more. A slick and calm looking water resistant silicone jacket is to thank and of course the ninja. There are also many magnets placed strategically to climb fridge walls and other stuff. This is simply the guilty pleasure of having a ninja flash drive which is really cool.


Mini Hard Disk USB Flash drive

Mini Hard Disk USB Flash drive:

A stand against discrimination of flash drives from the magnetic storage, this Mini Hard Disk style USB flash drive plugs in and looks just like a hard disk, though miniaturized. With 8GB of storage and a blue LED glowing when plugged in, it sure does get the quotient of cool over the line.


Star Wars Storm Trooper USB

Star Wars Storm Trooper USB:

A muster have storm trooper sticking out of the USB port trying to fire lasers at everyone except miss the main characters. Obviously, this is a must have for any star wars fan and also to any geek in general who has affiliation towards the centuries ahead storm trooper. A perfect gift and classic Pen Drive to own, you make the choice which one you want it to be.