Top 10 Coolest Novelties

Are you still searching for the best business web page which can offer irresistible geek stuff? A lot of people are saying that this site is the best place to be if you are looking for the most hilarious novelty items that you can use as a gift to your friends, acquaintances and family members. It is a must that you take a closer look at the items that are being displayed as you might want something rare to give as present to your loved ones. Ogle and buy geek stuff especially manufactured for the coolest human beings on earth.

Moms always shop for the most innovative and coolest items not only for their teenage kids but also for their husbands. These could be interesting conversation pieces during their bonding moments. In these difficult times, it would always be best to choose several products that can eventually lift up the spirits of each and every family member as well as renewing family relations.


Cocktail Shaker Glass

Cocktail Shaker Glass:

This awesome item can absolutely create the best mix in town that will blow your guests’ mind away. If you are the type of an individual who wants to experiment on things, then, this is the perfect time for you to place an order for this best booty shaker. Looking customized, it’s one of the best things that you can show off to your friends!


Horse Head Mask

Horse Head Mask:

Cooking can be a lot of fun especially when you know how to break the monotone. Drink some beer and go wild with cool geek gadgets like a horse head mask. This one is life-size and you can even scare the hell out of your friends’ wits once you wear it in the dark. They’ll never know what hit them and you will all the while giggle as you recall the wonderful experience.
*This is one way of making your bonding moments worthwhile.


Toilet Paper $100 bills

Toilet Paper $100 Bills:

The 3-ply toilet paper geek merchandise that had been printed with hundred dollar bills using the entire roll can certainly amuse your guests as they unroll it. Each roll consists of 200 sheets; long enough for a regular day’s use. Customers who have the chance of ordering this stuff cannot help but smile by the mere thought that these precious dollar bill replicas can simply wipe butts!


Boobzie Can Cover

Boobzie Can Cover:

Touch those perfect cans and let your wild imagination run through it. This particular cool geek stuff is suitable for 12 ounce cans. These items are perfect during parties and special gatherings for house guests. This is a good suggestion most especially if you want to tease a friend on his birthday. Collectors’ items such as these are available and only your imagination is the limit.


iPhone App Fridge Magnets

iPhone App Fridge Magnets:

The cool people store is also delivering different accessories that you can use to enhance the looks of your expensive home gadgets. Using the innovative phone application fridge magnet to hold cards, small notes, photographs or simply as a home décor is definitely cool. This awesome geek stuff will surely add some fun and excitement to your appliance.
If you have these items placed on your fridge, it would seem like having giant iPhones!


Waterproof Notepad

Waterproof Notepad:

Place an order for the Waterproof Aqua Notepad wherein you can use even while you are taking a shower! Isn’t that amazing? Even though you don’t have Alzheimer’s disease, there would be instances when you really have to jot down important things so as not to forget. The best thing about these memo pads is, it is not that difficult to attach them on the walls of your bathroom. In addition to that, they don’t take up much space.


Credit Card Light-bulb

Light Bulb in your wallet:

Have you ever had to pay with a credit card or debit card, but couldn’t find it? How embarrasing is that, rummaging through your wallet for minutes and freaking out at the same time! Well, with this little gadget, worry no more. A light bulb in your wallet is simply genius to have! Looking for a card? It will light up. Looking for keys? Why not use it as well. A perfect solution to any problem when it’s dark. Everyone should have one. Seriously.


Cover Model Novelty Mirror

Cover Model Novelty Mirror:

If you have a teenage son or daughter who has fallen in love with acting and dreams of becoming a movie star, it is recommended that you purchase things that will make them relate to their ambition. The best novelty cover model mirror can be found and ordered at this online store and you can have this particular product at a very affordable price. Simply attach this cool mirror on the wall and voila! You will be able to see your own image on the cover of Vogue magazine!


Samurai Umbrella

Samurai Umbrella:

An umbrella that looks like a samurai can attract a lot of eyes when its owner is walking down a dark alley. You can imagine yourself being feared by other people as they would mistake it for the real thing. This one-of-a-kind weather implement could look like the dreaded tool. So, as not to be adjudged as armed and dangerous, it would be best for you to keep this cool item inside the car and put to use only when needed.


8-Bit Sunglasses

Pixelated 8-Bit Black Sunglasses:

In the world of computers, everybody knows what pixelated means and in this fashion, some ingenious mind has created a design for unique-looking sunglasses that really works as a sun protection. Never mind those eye wear that look fashionable but do not give benefits to its owners. We stand to be different; that is why we give you advantages!

There is no reason for you to cut off a greater portion from your regular budget just to purchase quality novelty products that can be used at home. Simply browse through all the cool stuffs that are being laid on your screen and you will find the best items that will suit the needs of your family. There are numerous extraordinary products that can be found at this selected cool people shop. Browsing through the website can give you more options and the best bargain!