Top 10 Costumes for Dogs

Man has remained to be the epitome of creatures for almost a millennium and alongside; his best pal has remained faithful to him in times of good and bad. Often termed as a pet by the general public, owners of dogs would know that they are much more than that.
They get you through tough times with their innocent lick and a pompous wiggle of their tail. Playing with your comrade, you forget your worry and bask in comfort of company. Whether it is a break-up or a failed job, they remain faithful to their owner. They do so much for us and we pay little heed to what they might want. Of course we care for their food and daily needs, but what if your pet wants to dress up as a superhero?
Sadly, it won’t be able to communicate it to you directly and this is where we come to the rescue. Get your pets the funniest and wackiest of costumes that they secretly desire for. Or to be truthful, buy a pet costume so that you can adore your buddy with the right outfit, can lead to a laugh and much more important, a better bonding. Here are a list of must have pet costumes that would make your pet stand out amongst its peers.


Triceratops Dog Costume

Triceratops Dog Costume:

The costume calls for the transformation of your pet to an angry and sully Triceratops. Suit up your pet with this costume and there is guaranteed outburst of joy that comes from seeing your little buddy. Further still, put up the costume on a smaller breed of dog like the chiwawa and there is no stopping your gut spilling out of laughter. Moreover, bigger breeds might start behaving like the extinct dinosaurs with their realistic blend with the costume. The costume is made out of strong materials able to withstand your pet’s activities and comes at very low price.


Dog Riders Cowboy Costume

Dog Riders Cowboy Costume:

Children always tend to try climbing aboard bigger dogs in an attempt to ferry across locations. Give the cowboy a humble opportunity for the same which would put a smile on everyone’s face. The costume is perfect for parties and also when you need to exhibit your creativity. With adjustable straps that are designed to work with most dogs and realistic looking miniature cowboy, the costume is simply put: different. At a nominal price, this costume is a definite eye-turner.


Piggy Pooch Dog Costume

Piggy Pooch Dog Costume:

Oink Oink says the dog. This costume is so hilarious and funny, it would get your hands tired adoring your pet all day long. Especially some breeds which are muscular and strong will have a softer side exhibited with this costume. Suited for most parties and to have casual display of humor, this costume comes with dual benefits. Moreover, the polyester is really soft and comfortably fits on many dogs with their Velcro style fit. If you need a photo session with a dog in this costume, stand in the line please.


Star Wars Yoda Pet Costume

Star Wars Yoda Pet Costume:

So what happens when you merge star wars and dogs? You get Yoda for pets. Confusion can be annulled with the costume that has been officially approved from Star Wars and branded for dogs. Complete with ears and the over coat, the Yoda costume is quite a snug fit on many dogs and comes out as extremely funny. The material can be washed easily and the arms are detachable. Imagine your dog is walking around as Yoda, I bet you are already on the process of buying because of the extent of awesome that it shouts.


Wonder Woman Pet Costume

Wonder Woman Pet Costume:

Justice League has saved the world many times and most of the credit goes to the Wonder Woman since most of the guys fail to notice any other League member anyway. This costume is an ode to this very fact and for the joy of seeing your dog walk around as the Wonder Woman irrespective of if the dog is a male or a female. Though an alpha male can be easily deceived, saying that it is a superman in disguise, the females would love being the world renowned superhero. It comes with attached arms and a yellow cap just like old times. If you get your dog one of these, laughter and fun are guaranteed.


Hot Diggity Dog Costume

Hot Diggity Dog Costume:

This costume is a literal extrapolation of the popular American snack, Hot-Dog. Imagine walking next to this Hot-dog rather than hot-dog walking next you because that’s how the costume rolls in the real world. The ladies would go crazy and this calls for a few chuckles in a gathering too. With Velcro straps and a comfy fit, get your dog a hot-dog costume.


Butterfly Dog Costume

Butterfly Dog Costume:

One of the cutest and most hilarious costumes that you can come across is the Butterfly Dog Costume which gives your dog wings. Red-bull or not, your dog would transform into a colorful butterfly, ready to fly. Imagine your pet walking around with this costume, with antennas and strapped in wing set, the best costume has to redefine its meaning.


Star Wars AT-AT Walker Pet Costume

Star Wars AT-AT Walker Pet Costume:

What could be more awesome than the previously mentioned Yoda costume? This AT-AT Walker costume which gives mechanical joints to your pet. The white backdrop with intricate circuitries drawn, the costume resembles the Walker from Star Wars inch by inch. Your pet is now an official star wars fan.


Star Wars Princess Leia Pet Costume

Star Wars Princess Leia Pet Costume:

This is a defining moment for your pet to have the entire star wars collectible costumes. This princess Leia costume is not only hilarious but also adds a bit of sanity originality to the costume’s name. With freakishly accurate arm and leg designs and comfortable clothing, the costume stands out in a crowd and is a guaranteed ice-breaker.


Raptor Dog Costume

Raptor Dog Costume:

The list ends on a costume note that is a definite success in terms of style, power and hilariousness quotient. The raptor costume is the perfect costume for your pet to become the atrocious and cunning predator that it is not. With fake arms that tear out to attack plus snugly fitting tail, it acts as a rudder to the dog’s movements amplifying the terror. The sarcasm is enough; the dog is a raptor now.

With this myriad of costumes that I never imagined possible, I can now have piece of mind and a hearty laugh and maybe a little rolling on the floor with my faithful buddy. These set of costumes set new standards for the meaning of creativity, laughter and fun.