Top Ten Valentine's Day List

Just when we thought we survived the holidays, here comes another one sneaking around the corner – Valentine’s Day.
In exactly one month’s time, couples all over the world will be celebrating their relationship and love during the holiday of hearts, Valentine’s Day. This is the time of the year when romance abounds. From Valentine cards sent to each corner of the globe and romantic dates to amorous breakfasts in bed. Here at Cool People Shop, we decided to release another ever popular TOP TEN list for Valentine’s day.


Let's Make Out Pillow

Let’s Make Out Pillow:

Send your partner or potential partner a message. Tell him or her how it is. “Let’s make out” – it’s a simple and comprehendible message and in most cases an irresistible offer of love. There is no better time of the year than Valentine’s day to send this type of message. If you are single, it would be a great idea to send it to many potential partners and judging on their response you can select your Valentine’s Day sweetheart. In case it didn’t work out, you can sleep on it and try a different approach.


Say I love You pillowcase

Say I love You pillowcase:

If you are in the relationship that would be the sweetest thing ever. Say I love you couple pillowcases are just adorable. Just a little warning – if your partner is a “good communicator” in your relationship (means that he or she never shuts up), this gift may hint your partner to communicate more…especially in bed. This gift will result in more talking in bed than action!


Dancing Stickmen Photo Holders

Dancing Stickmen Photo Holders:

It is so cute! A perfect gift that will score you a couple of extra “brownie points” from the start. Everybody knows that pictures taken for any type of ID are the best. Just look at your Driving Licence, Passport any of your IDs and you will understand what we are talking about. Simply no frills….what you see is what you get. These pictures are not lying. With this gift you can offer your true yourself without fakery, just the way you are.


Automatic Cocktail Shaker

Automatic Cocktail Shaker:

The candles are set and romantic music is playing. There is nothing worse than while you’re having a romantic dinner with your partner, to run out of conversation topics. Automatic Cocktail Shaker is always a great topic. It’ll get conversation going, while you’re making a cocktail for your loved one. And after 2 or 3 cocktails – it’s guaranteed that you don’t need any conversation topics anymore. However, if you’re still talking, you are a hopeless looser for serving non-alcoholic drinks…MISTAKE!


Plug And Socket Couples Costume Plus Size

Plug And Socket Couples Costume Plus Size:

This must be the best gift ever. You don’t even have to wait for the dress up party to wear it. Valentine’s day is a perfect day to do that. It is the safest way to connect with your partner, and as the description suggests “One size fits all”. So what are you waiting for? Let your imagination go crazy and if you want to spice up the game a little bit, you can always swap your costumes.


Activity Book For Couples

Activity Book For Couples:

Once you lose your checkers game (loose = win …if you remember that) and all the possible topics about the automatic cocktail shaker are exhausted, you can get some extra ideas on what to do with this Activity Book for Couples. There is nothing better than some activity happening on the day. Some people are saying that actions say more than words! No need to be shy, just get through the table of contents, select the best activity for the moment and let yourself be guided step by step, hoping that you partner will play along.


Inflatable Lounge

Inflatable Lounge:

If it happens that you live next to the lake, ocean or have a big pool, Inflatable Lounge is your thing. What can be more romantic than spending your Valentine’s Day with your loved one on board of your luxury inflatable lounge. Of course, in case you live in the part of the world where Valentine’s Day is in the middle of the winter, and the temperature is below zero – this gift might “shrink” your chances of having any romance. Also, remember to get the automatic air pump for this one, because your partner might be upset if you are out of breath and it wasn’t them who caused it.


Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate Fountain:

Once you get everything planned, drinks, entertainment, conversation topics you can’t forget about a natural aphrodisiac – chocolate. Yes, it is scientifically proven that chocolate can help you with your seduction plan. And we are not talking about just an ordinary block of chocolate but three tier chocolate fountain. Yes, three levels of delicious chocolate flowing from the top to bottom. It holds enough chocolate to cover your body with to make your self completely irresistible. Depending on your size, it should be enough to cover your partner too, but first of all make sure that your date is up for this kind of fun.


Penis Pasta

Penis Pasta:

The way to a man’s / woman’s heart is through their stomach! You don’t want to spend all the night in the kitchen cooking for your date so it is advisable to do something simple but impressive. The simplest thing you can cook is pasta. Classy and delicious, and if you cook a penis pasta, it will leave a long lasting impression on your partner and set the mood for the whole night. Apparently, pasta comes from Italy and the art of love and romance is their forte. Use their knowledge to your benefit and cook some delicious penis pasta which you can serve with fine Italian wine. This is definitely a recipe for success!


Giant Wine Glass

Giant Wine Glass:

The most important part of seduction is to focus on your date. Every time you have to refill a glass of wine, is a time that you could concentrate on romancing your partner by maintaining eye contact. To do that you’ll need a Giant Wine Glasses for both of you. It will help you to maintain eye contact and keep conversation flowing. With Giant Wine Glasses, you will let your partner know that you mean serious “business” (romance). Serve your culinary extravaganza with Penis Pasta and pour delicious wine into Giant Wine Glasses and it is guaranteed that your date, after the first glass, will be swept off their feet by your approach to the Valentine’s day.


This is Cool People Shop top 10 Valentines day list! No need to spend a fortune on expensive restaurants and gifts. Our Top Ten Valentine’s Day list is all you need.