Valentines Day

Every February 14th, there is a bit of a mad scramble that occurs to find the perfect gift for the person that you love. Sure, you could go the tired old route of dinner and a movie, or perhaps a ridiculously overpriced bunch of flowers, but here at Bluebird designer homewares, we believe in thinking outside the box a little. Why go with a gift that will be forgotten in a few days when you can instead invest in something that will bring joy for many years to come. We have had a little look through our products list, and have come up with some gift ideas that your Valentine will love, especially if they spend a lot of time in the kitchen or out by the barbecue.

The Axe Bottle Opener – The perfect gift for the man that has everything except an effective method of opening his beer bottles. The Axe Bottle Opener will appeal to the rugged outdoor type whose idea of fun is cutting up firewood for the BBQ pit. The opener is shaped like a miniature axe handle, and is a sturdily built device that makes opening those pesky beer bottles an absolute snap. This great looking little unit may not be able to tear down a tree, but it will certainly help you quickly tear the tops off your beer bottles. The duty cast metal head will easily carve through the toughest bottle cap, and the beech wood handle feels great in your hand.

Denim Apron – We are all about equal opportunities here at Bluebird, which is why we are suggesting a gift that both men and women will love. Cooking can be a bit of a messy business, and you need a good apron to protect your clothes from the inevitable drips and splashes that occur when preparing food. Our denim apron is a rugged and durable, yet also incredibly comfortable to wear. It features an elastic waistband for flexibility, as well as a pocket that is designed to hold pens, phones, and a variety of other small objects. Easy to wash and keep clean, this great looking denim apron is equally at home in the kitchen or garden.

Salt & Pepper Mill Set – Food tastes its best when it has been properly seasoned, and oftentimes all that takes is a little dash of salt and pepper. We believe that if you are going to deliver food that tastes great on a regular basis, then you might as well do it in style. Our salt & pepper mill set features a pair of shakers that are truly unique in the way they are designed. They are constructed of stainless steel and ceramic materials, and feature a handle on top to help you get your grind on. A perfect addition to any kitchen or dining room space.

These are just 3 Valentine’s Day gifts that we are sure you will love, but why not take a look at what else we have to offer, as you may well find something else that makes your heart flutter.